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[supply] mulberry silk of handiwork of silkworm country other people by _ silk n

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Silk of series of silkworm country other people by it is article of health care of pure natural green, with it the silk of make it is tasted character ancient have great reputation, widely known.
Its basically be being formed is protein fiber, 18 kinds of amino acid and sericin component are contained a lot ofin its filar albumen, to human body
Health has favorable stimulative effect, accordingly times suffer people to favor. Silk can promote Morpheus, the amino acid in fibroin,
To human body neurological have conciliation and calm effect, but stable person a day of nervous nerve. Because this uses silk to be opposite
The insomnious much dream, dry after sleeping uses disturbed person especially beneficial, it is OK and promotional Morpheus, slow down consenescence, enhance airframe. Silk by
Have fight allergy, combat the bacterium, effect that prevents mite and close skin. The SERICIN component in silk can make the skin exquisite and smooth,
And can prevent effectively and restrain mite bug and mould to cause, opposite quick constitution person it is beneficial very, can rise to be mixed to protection fight
Allergic action. Silk is warmed by the winter Xia Liang, of silk " filar cubage is interstitial " it is all fiber in highest, when the weather is hot can
The quantity of heat with redundant eduction; When the weather is cold, can lower hot conductivity again, have cold power of good constant temperature sex and drive so, the four seasons all
Appropriate. Silk is returned to have a good wet performance. Silk is external filar protein content has side of a kind of relative strength to connect chain amino acid, it
The water portion in can absorbing air and human body sweat are wet, try to eliminate, maintain by inside Gan Shuang is comfortable.