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[supply] towel of fitness of motion of fine fibre of beautiful home Kang Chao do

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Towel of fitness of motion of fine fibre of Kang Chao of Home 0311-85282176 beautiful uses cleanse bright and beautiful weaving of compound superfine fibber, mouldproof, fight bacterium, have exceed strong water imbibition, permeability reachs the sex that fight bacterium. Use among motion, can make sweat fluid instantly by blot, its soft texture makes you times feeling is cozy! After motion, with bath of its Lai Mu, but bilge of surface of effective purify skin.
Norms: 33cm75cm may be ordered according to client demand OEM do.
Pack: Color page is added inside bag of colour box, OPP
Catharsis means: Can use toilet soap or washing powder catharsis, ban with clothings complaisant agent.
QQ:794955175 719542722
Product of series of fine fibre of beautiful home Kang Chao has towel of fast dry be scared, strike hair cap, beautify hair belt, hairdressing clean face-cloth (man / lady) , darling doing sends towel suction sweat, athletic fitness towel, wash-and-wear bath towel, wash-and-wear bathrobe, bibulous bath skirt, bath glove, muti_function cleanness wipes a glove, live in clean towel, computer cleanness towel, the screen is clean cloth, muti_function wipe cloth, wash bowl towel, brush Che Jin, xue Ni Er brushs car burnish piece, xue Ni Er is bosseyed wipe glove, snow Ni Ershuang face wipes a glove, add large compound base to prevent towel of mat of slippery carpet, ground, sofa mat, pet, superfine fibber mop.