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Suzhou of settle of famous carpet manufacturer

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Business company on October 6 dispatch recently, the world is the greatest high-grade and woven manufacturer of carpet of A Ke Mingsi Bulindusi area of garden of industry of company settle Suzhou, this factory always invests 51 million dollar.

As we have learned, the history that the company already had Bulindusi more than 225 years, in woven respect of carpet of A Ke Mingsi is world output area of the biggest, factory amount of the biggest, loom is maximum, the place that hold the balance is had in world carpet industry. Bulindusi's factory is country of distributinging Yu Ying, Portuguese with India, do obeisance to in He Di of new York, Las Vegas, Sydney have agency, formed global sale distribution.

Suzhou mill-owner should assume coloring, preparation, braid and aftertreatment. Factory year turnover predicts 20 million dollar, most product will export the nation such as the United States, Australia. Chief expresses related the company, suzhou factory will undertake handling to the liquid waste of dyer, build the plant that a 0 liquid waste contaminate.

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