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Suzhou interviews base collect folk songs external: The beauty of Oriental silk

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In report will inscribe new Suzhou net on September 2: Suzhou interviews base collect folk songs external:  put down chops small pump of border of hesitating of show off of  of discharge of pa of Sha of Wan of Qia humorous ⊙ to see carve Tiao?

Week of reporter of China News Service builds beautiful jade

Come 20 years, "Market of Chinese Oriental silk " develop current 4 square kilometer from original 8000 square metre; Product sale extends more than 100 nations of world and area from pure sale in domestic market; Market sale jumps from 10 thousand original yuan thousands of to thirty billion and eighty-five million yuan of RMB, receive in glory " the first cloth of Chinese city " title.

Lean " ground booth market " build up

The seat of Oriental silk market fills lustre garrison post is China 4 big " silken " one of, element has " sunrise 10 thousand, the garment by the world " beautiful praise. Memory says the Shen Shousheng of the witness person that develops as the market: "At the beginning of establishing, the market can not be today so picture. " going up century 80 time metaphase, a few local begin to offer piece goods of retail sales buying and selling between street alley of Cheng Ze, then, local government begins to prepare to construct at that time Oriental silk market, lead practitioner by turn to concentration dispersedly, also extend sale channel for enterprise of this locality spin.

1986, emerge as the times require of Oriental silk market. The market at that time just built bedplate of mud of a few catchment in street both directions, those who attribute a level " ground booth market " , founded however " base area " , operator people begin from cloth of textile mills average, sell past China each district again. Also be in in this paragraph of time, cheng Ze is managed not less door finished " the first pail of gold " accumulate, became " 10 thousand yuan door " . And Oriental silk market also is built had pretty like the model appearance house, build the embryo that had the market.

Build " the first cloth of Chinese city "

Nowadays, of market of Chinese Oriental silk trade breed extends current vestee, home to spin from fabrics of earlier and onefold silk chemical fibber, raw material, thousands of cotton cloth, dress, breed that spins engine a replacement to wait for more than 10 kinds big; Reach into the company that be stationed in all the year round manage door go to more than 5000 of present from more than 200 mushroom that build an initial stage. Into piece Fang Jianqi of retail sales commodity came, a large textile major market rises at this point was in before common people.

Current, oriental silk market has made Chinese scale the textile with the biggest, the wholest breed is distributing center one of centers, its product value became value of congener product of immediate impact China to go of situation " barometer " . 2 5 years 00, this market up to asks dress of vessel China textile one billion three hundred and forty-five million two hundred and ninety-four thousand three hundred and thirty-six yuan the market, ascend formally " the first cloth of Chinese city " throne. And Cheng Ze town and periphery have shuttleless loom twenty thousand and ten above, the advantage of this kind of powerful weaving base, other area cannot is likened to, the development to Oriental silk market and expand formed prop up strongly.
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