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God 7 Suzhou " element " a string big

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Carrying flying Apsaras earnest wish of the Chinese, divine boat 7 airship enter the space smoothly last night. Perhaps you do not know, the success of this airship blasts off with Suzhou inseparable, its " cranial nerve " Suzhou is made, and the imitate before its flying Apsaras is taken an examination of also assume by Suzhou company; The commander in chief that its use a system is a Suzhou person. "God 7 " go up personally, suzhou " element " one string big!
"Cranial nerve " come from semiconductor plant
Yesterday evening, 7 airship develop divine boat continuously Yun Tian. See this one act of live television telecast, total factory photoelectricity can'ts restrain Suzhou semiconductor in Zhuzhi of factory manager of 3 minutes of plants inner joyance, keep applausing to come. Original, "God 7 " the photoelectricity coupler that airship and space navigation take control system to go up, by them entirely the factory is produced. These yuan parts of an apparatus resembles " cranial nerve " same, having the effect of crucial transmission signal, these produce the stand or fall that tastes quality, immediate impact is worn " god 7 " blast off, the success that aerospace walks.
Spaceflight appropriative yuan the service life of parts of an apparatus, high temperature stores and the time demand of power ageing is very high, can saying is to achieve " slashing " degree, its " life failure rate " do not get prep above of 10 lose 7 times square, that is to say, number of parts of an apparatus is multiplied achieve 10 million with working hour second, the amount of attaint must not exceed 1.
After receiving the job, they are complete factory a lot of workers work overtime ceaselessly, have production fastidiously, just coming home to midnight is often thing; Be in charge of the working group that life tests, it is 24 hours of ceaseless people more. The course is successive of 3 months fight bravely, finished the job gloriously eventually.
Su Jing group provides clean environment
Clean environment technology, establishment mixes height service, it is safeguard " divine boat 7 " one of fundamental conditions that blast off successfully and run, the very much crucial component in rocket and satellite must maintain presence in the environment with clean extremely high rate.
This, suzhou achieves yuan of investment to develop limited company of group of group Su Jing to consider to develop " many bits of style is clean spend the system that monitor " be had by general assembly the ministry is chosen, have divine boat as Chinese spaceflight city 7 airship general assembly is clean of the environment monitor and control a system. In " far look " on date satellite ship of tracking, also used the purifying device of Su Jing group likewise.
Dong Ling, " revive try " help imitate is taken an examination of
"From ' god 5 ' arrive ' god 7 ' , our Dong Ling produces the dynamoelectric and oscillatory testing stand that makes place of dependability vibration experiment use. " yesterday, for divine boat 7 successful God escort the Emperor the Wang Xiaozhong of general manager of limited company of instrument of vibration of Suzhou Dong Ling of convoy says proudly to the reporter.
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