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"City synthesis " commerce is built group spread all over Hangzhou to invest wh

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As one of 7 big ancient capital of our country, hangzhou already had the long history 2200, wu Yue, the Southern Song Dynasty early or late found a capital hereat. From of old, the economy of Hangzhou and culture develop quite, the beauty such as the government office " that element has silk of " of " an abundant place, " praise. Famous special local product includes silk, west lake Dragon Well tea, have 10 old views of Chinese scenic spot one of west lake beauty spot, it is city of travel of famous historical culture famous city and international scenery.

Today, save the Hangzhou of provincial capital as Zhejiang, urban total population already amounted to 6.22 million person. It is located in Zhejiang to visit northwest department, the ala austral delta of the Yangtse River, hangzhou bay is carried on the west, qian Tangjiang is downstream, hang Dayun Henan carries Beijing, it is city of metropolis of delta of the Yangtse River and hub of traffic of Chinese southeast ministry. Lake city, carry on arrives to promote in the hour, fine promote, two hours arrive at Ning Bo, Shanghai, Suzhou, two arrive at Nanjing to 3 hours, without stannum.

Flying development of economy, of traffic increasingly convenience, the distinct advantage of situation makes Hangzhou became numerous investor the cosset in the eye, came 2004 2006, hangzhou obtains what the magazine chooses Forbes 3 years to have name of commercial value city most continuously.

Be on international scenic Hangzhou had been no longer in former days halcyon Gu Cheng, potential tremendous business chance has made the world is fixed eyes upon, red-blooded new Hangzhou will release her most attractive glamour on gorgeous international arena.

Join the good luck of WTO and challenge to meet economic globalization and our country now, to accelerate Hangzhou city modernization, protect historical culture famous city, get used to " to build the metropolitan, need that builds new heaven " , hangzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government put forward city of Hangzhou city " east enlarge, travel is entered on the west, edge river development, cross river development " , " east move, Xi Jing, south the strategic measure of " of show of new, north, resurgence, be about to long-term since what change is the configuration of formation conglomerate form space that is core with the west lake to be axes with Qian Tangjiang is dispersive form a delegation configuration, the city of Hangzhou develops will by the times of " west lake that builds development around the west lake " is crossed it is with Qian Tangjiang rely on, the " of times of " Qian Tangjiang that crosses development of river, edge river, the position of urban geography center in bank of north of money pond river builds new center of Hangzhou city city, this is Hangzhou money Jiang Xincheng. The construction of money river new city will make Hangzhou city situation by " " of city of one side of 3 cloud hill evolves for " one Jiangchun water wears a city to cross " , lead Hangzhou to move toward times of " Qian Tangjiang from " of times of " west lake "
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