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Landscape silk brave is carried promote silk industry old standard

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Business company on September 2 dispatch the first time osculatory landscape silk is some time ago, search a few about the material that silk industry develops a condition now, casual a line of vision that landscape silk enters me.

Benevolence person Le Shan, wisdom person happy water. Hill, disposition is sedate, annals puts Gao Yuan, have its tall, deep, rich, big qualitative. He is clinging and forceful, embedded and just, the style is concise. Water, be apt to is like water on. Everythings on earth of benefit of water be apt to and do not contend for, the place that manages everybody is evil, reason a few at. That is to say, highest be apt to resembles water same, shui Shanli uses everythings on earth and not to it conflicting. It is content with the low-lying ground that does not wish to stay at the person, very resemble path. Like this name very much, plus him it is with silk connection is together, make me must pay close attention to.

So this is a ground be in famous city of culture of history of Chinese Changjiang Delta, element has " Chinese silk by countryside " beautiful praise home of shake lustre silk spins a business. Product of Suzhou city famous brand, suzhou city famous label, with Beijing modest beneficial auspicious, Suzhou male Tai Xiang, silk of the king of Shanghai real silk, Gu Bo that do not have stannum, many hundred years old store such as silk of Shandong wide embellish has stable business connection, calm dot visits foreign gift in the center of countrywide woman federation and group, team of feather of China of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is special real silk gift. The product exports the 30 many countries such as Spain, Italy, United States, Japan, Australia and area, from the antarctic with white pure white snow, to carry out " god 6 flying Apsaras " of the task " far visit signal " spaceflight measures a boat to go up, have the product of landscape silk, look this enterprise is not simple very.

Seeing landscape silk again is to be in home of 08 Shanghai international to spin exhibit on. This year exhibit the meeting is very general, a few poorer than before a few years but exhibiting a house to be decorated is more beautiful than wanting before a few years. This main area sells external exhibit meeting, because the dollar depreciates this year, foreign trade pressure is great, the stock market drops, macroeconomic situation is bad also. Still have the Olympic Games, traffic control is stricter, travelling merchant of a lot of foreign countries fails to come over. But a very simple and unadorned standard is exhibited and exhibit on never-ending crowd, let a lot of ginseng exhibit business sidelong glance, this is landscape silk.

Professor of narrow of Yuan of Beijing dress institute once pointed out, we want " save silk " . Because,this is on one hand we are the brilliant history be pleased with oneself with old silk cloth, be its go from bad to worse on the other hand and cloudily. Chinese silk was become it seems that " chicken ribs " . The thinking of past silk bound has " odd group " , namely chemical fibber is in do " emulation silk " when, very abasement however ground is in silk " copy chemical fibber " . Professor of couplet of country of Suzhou university Liu also speaks of " save silk " , silk bed tastes development to make very main field.
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