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Suzhou introduction

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Suzhou is one of centers of 3 production of old silk cloth, teem with silk to already had 3000 old histories, be known as " the countryside of silk " .
Year period, two countries Ceng Wei contends for Wu Chu mulberry and battle. damask silk is early as eponymous as Hunan thin silk, Sichuan bright and beautiful, Qi Wan, rash white. Of period of the Three Kingdoms east, silk already was inspected " sufficient country of provide for army " important goods and materials. The abbot damask silk of Tang Dynasty knits continous with what the Song Dynasty takes the place of, be labelled the articles of tribute of Suzhou. According to " aunt revive annals · cess " say " aunt Su Si is silken various, wu Zhong year old the cloth of damask of silver-colored damask silk of thin silk of tribute classics silk, damask silk thin silk, black, unlined upper garment, collect 纻 , cloth that fold black " , take the place of as the Song Dynasty move south economic center, suzhou becomes the central city of Chinese silk course of study, appear piece " chrysalis Bao Shan stands, the sound of car of reel silk from cocoons, even Meng [alliance of M é Ng] hear " prosperous picture, be produced " entangled damask silk " and " brocade " glow. Yuan Mingqing period, suzhou still was established should act according to the orgnaization such as government office of bureau, weaving bureau, weaving to be in charge of silk weaving only, build for royalty superintend and director, purchase silk. " horse but · pineapple travel notes " in record and narrate yuan acting: "Suzhou produces filar terribly cornucopian, there is huge amount raw silk in the dweller... the silks and satins that Suzhou makes, divide outside be being consumed for oneself, sell as far as to other market. " silk of two acting Suzhou forms bright Qing Dynasty produce and sale connects management means, "Voice of 10 thousand machine " Suzhou city, the product has 30 a variety of, produce per year silk to amount to 100 thousand or so, whole nation of be on sale reachs world each district.
Suzhou silk is sold as far as to global, attracted traveling trader of far and near, suzhou also is become " the Silk Road " one of fountainhead. It promoted the prosperity of Suzhou economy, still develop traditional Chinese painting of the garment of inwrought, play, dress, down to that make fan to mount a picture for Suzhou at the same time waited for course of study to provide good in quality and cheap in price raw material.

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