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Embroider of silk of hair of handicraft of breathtaking China folk goes out " n

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Roamed yesterday to kick off 2008 on exposition of culture of folk of Shanghai nation folk-custom, reporter over and over again astonishs: The exhibition will scatter in Shanghai folk to live daily medium, or the life craft of the folk art that already was paid close attention to by the academia and folk-custom amorous feelings and manual absolutely vivid concentration appear, let people understand in artistic subtle minor details, comprehend this city while, enjoying a distinct urban recollection.

In Jiangsu " 3 civilian culture " show a house, embroider of more than meters 20 long Suzhou color hair is long roll " Han Xi carries nocturnal dinner to pursue " , attracted everybody to stop watch. Audience or draw out a camera to press shutter, or click of the tongue sighs: If not be place of saw with one's own eyes,see, the essential imagination that do not have a law can create a so elegant folk art curiosity unexpectedly with hair silk.

" Han Xi carries nocturnal dinner to pursue " it is China the master on picture history, it grows the means depict that coil with interlink chancellery Han Xi carries Na Tang to be far from imperial court noble bureaucratic a disturbance of contend for power and profit, the setting with picnicky banquet leaves in the home. And send emersion of beautiful perfect ground 5 are contacted already intersected picture, apply a variety of stitch ably, pass different line color, be drawn the outline of or be moved or static character and setting, even the natural grain of the stool of desk of chair of soft and elegant, bed of character silk dress also is seen dimly.

And be in Zhejiang " 3 civilian culture " house, gather together the high-quality goods of Qing Tianshi carve of many 300 master piece exhibits Oriental father and son of Ni of national level Great Master, cry among them " perfect conjugal bliss " work, once had gone up stamp, this first degrees appear on civilian rich to meet, what the look of month of design and color of its lifelike elaborates is civilian rich is met " mid-autumn " theme.

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