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Inc. of silk of Suzhou city landscape

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Limited company of silk of Suzhou city landscape is development of product of a volume, production, foreign trade at an organic whole, technical force the industrial limited company with advanced facilities of abundant, production. Shake lustre presses down the Suzhou city Wu Jiang that Yu Cheng of company total position produces silk. The company sets 2 production company and 5 domestic and international trading companies and agency. The company already passed ISO9001: 2000 quality manage systematic attestation. Have self-supporting imports and exports to counterpoise.

Company main production manages: Silk by, silk bedding reachs silk fabrics, pod, white filature silk, silk scarf, real silk cravat, real silk dress. "Landscape silk " silk by classics [center of product quality supervision and inspection of national cotton spin] and [national silk quality is supervised examine center] examine for classy article.

The brand brand that him company manages has " landscape silk " with what register in Japan " landscape thin silk " . "Landscape silk " the product is had the honor to win " product of Suzhou city famous brand " title. "Landscape silk " silk product is reached by the countrywide woman federation of our country the gift that make choice of is visit foreign country in the center of the group.

"Landscape silk " the product is having higher market rate and beauty domestic and internationally praise degree, be in China many big in city, the sale method that established concessionary management and many concessionary and monopolistic units. In recent years, "Landscape silk " the product is self-supporting all the time exit is popular: The United States, japan, korea, italy, spain, australia, russia, malaysia, hong Kong, country and the area such as Taiwan, and the collaboration that with world each district a lot of clients maintain for a long time good concerns, exit forehead year after year increases by degrees.

The company is abided by " be realistic, innovation, high grade, efficient " spirit of enterprise; With " cultivate public praise by quality, start a brand with character " for the tenet; It is guide with market demand, it is a target in order to satisfy client need, serve for domestic and international client wholeheartedly. Company faculty the joint efforts, for " landscape silk " series product leaps again and enter in all hand in hand.

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