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Suzhou too lake heaven island is recreational strategy

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Respecting Suzhou cannot be not carried too lake, too of the lake 2/3 in Suzhou churchyard, too lake, it is the mother of Suzhou. The west hill of Suzhou, east hill is the place that deserves sightseeing most, besides, too the islands in the lake cannot not go, besides the 3 hill island of famous, the heaven island that develops recently also is the recreational land that is worth to go very much.

   Heaven island area is not large, only30Many mus, holding however too the very good situation in the lake. There still is the tourist attraction such as peach blossom island, 3 hills island all round. Island of crock of arrow of north of isle original name, because Zhang Yi seeks director, Gong Li to act the leading role " shake ah shake, shake grandmother bridge " second half part serves as this island film base, so local call his consolidate Li island again. Later, a man of insight because its scenery is elegant, have the artistic concept of a haven of peace, island of reason entitle heaven. The course on the island is developed nowadays, had become a collect to swim, amusement, eat, live to lie fallow for the green of an organic whole isle. Of course, reservation is returned to have on the island film at that time " shake ah shake, shake grandmother bridge " partial setting.

If be to drive a travel oneself, leave east the land alley dock on hill town can ascend a boat to touch heaven island continuously. And if not be to be driven oneself,swim to need to sit public transportation62Road or502The road arrives east hill town, again swivel hill car arrives land alley dock.

   Public transportation62The berth site of the road has: Good Duonamen inn (go up) , south annulus new residential quarter (the station austral the car on the west) (go up) , the station austral the car east (go up) , Wu Zhongdong (go up) , lunar bank road (on) , Dong Yuan, revive, Hill is pressed down east. Start stands time is an end class05:00,19:30, terminus head end class time is05:00,19:30.

   Public transportation502The berth site of the road has: Railway station, smooth door, receive drive field of courtyard of the bridge, examine (the street before view on the west) , Xu Qiao of drink Ma Qiao, aunt, 3 sweet parks, 3 sweet new residential quarter, colour sweet new residential quarter, rainbow new residential quarter, add 2 hospitals (sports center) , new city garden,