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Suzhou CPI will go up in June an apparent fall after a rise

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Today, bureau of Suzhou city statistic is newest issuance data shows, this year June, dweller of Suzhou urban district consumes price index, namely CPI, rose compared to the same period 6.6% , with will keep balance May.

With will compare in Feburary, food price is small June go up 0.3% , rise than was the same as a month last year 19.7% , 1-6 month accumulative total rises 20.6% , feed stability of category price perch to move. Suffer food grains other than wheat and rice to rise in price influence, the downstream product such as vermicelli made from bean starch is moved on the price, amylaceous in June kind of price annulus than rising 4.9% ; Because climate is hot, egg crop decreases wait for a reason, egg price than going up the month rose 3.5% ; Successive plum rains affects Xiecai to grow, prices of next half moon vegetable begin to rise, annulus of price of fresh in June vegetable is compared rise 4.6% .

According to statistic, june, in forming a dweller to consume 8 kinds of big commodity of price index, with on year rise than 6 with phase of the moon, 2 are reduced, feed category food to rise among them 19.7% , smoke wine and things rise 2.0% , things of recreational education culture, traffic and communication kind drop respectively 3.7 with 3.9% . Grease kind, aquatic product, fresh melon and fruit still continues on lunar be issued to lower levels.

This year first half of the year, suzhou CPI index is firm in have fall, will be Feburary 8.2% , march, will be April 8% , will be May 7.2% .

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-- information comes from: Suzhou news compiles a report.