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Whose embroider gave an Olympic Games " blue and white porcelain " formal attir

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Average age is in the old embroider woman of 68 years old of above
With be about the palace embroider law of be lost
Embroider gave the United States to admire to Jing " blue and white porcelain "

  The old embroider woman with the oldest age already 84 years old, the eye does not spend ear not deaf, can of ancestral palace embroider law weighs a special skill. The CCTV still hurries to Suzhou to interview on a special trip, she and her associate collects plan general into Olympic Games newsreel.

In July 2008 the middle ten days of a month, beijing Olympic Games awards prize 5 sets formal attire is fresh give heat.

"Blue and white porcelain " , " sapphire blue " , " country the pagoda tree is green " , " Yu Zhibai " and " pink " , altogether 5 old series 15 design, fund fund Jing admires to let a person cry absolutely. Look even if very Chinese flavour, qing Li and decorous.

Especially inside " blue and white porcelain " , the network that releases in Sohu allegedly judges pitch on, its rate getting a bill with exceeding 50% be far ahead.

   The United States admires to Jing " blue and white porcelain "

Early the prize-giving formal attire that hears of Beijing Olympic Games is very beautiful, it is the pattern that a teacher of Beijing dress institute designs allegedly, be machined again by the well-known company that has actual strength make, pick best material, with best worker, pure handiwork is made, character is top-ranking of course.

The interest of silk company everything with well-known Hangzhou, carried on among them two old series 6 kinds of design of 400 formal attire make. Most get attention " blue and white porcelain " with respect to out their hand.

In the group of all things interest that is located in airport road, the doorway had hanged a very large poster, laugh opportunely be filled with the Olympic Games that be filled with formal young lady is worn " blue and white porcelain " formal attire, it is elegant very. Tu Gongyan of executive chairman of bureau of director of group of all things interest also is very complacent to this formal attire, "China is the famousest is china and silk, this blue and white porcelain, it is this both union, have Gu Yun already, have contemporary feeling again. Have contemporary feeling again..

Tu Gongyan says, at the outset when the Olympic Games Organizing Committee chooses the design of prize-giving formal attire, chose a cheongsam consistently almost. But, the cheongsam that how can just let a tradition is accomplished let a person shine at the moment, just be the worst thing.

In exhibition hall of first floor of group of all things interest, we also saw with one's own eyes saw these two formal attire, one is famous " blue and white porcelain " , basically be used at the project on water award prize, and another is showily " pink " series.
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