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The our city gives Mei Bu to give Mei Bu to join the height of summer today int

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After a thundershower spends early morning yesterday, rapid violent wind raises our city air temperature, weather is unusually sultry, suzhou city observatory announces, as subtropic of high pressure north is extended to carry on the west, the our city gives a plum formally today, enter season of midsummer high temperature. The north that takes as plum rains carries, the our city is highest yesterday air temperature 35.7 ℃ , give nowadays summer day of first high temperature. Be in subtropic below strong control of high pressure, our city of day of 5-7 of observatory predicting future will heat up high temperature weather to give priority to with the fine, extremely highest air temperature can amount to 36-37 ℃ .

High temperature occurrence plum rains ends

From yesterday early morning began at 5 o'clock, a lot of places of our city issued a thundershower. This rain makes in the morning lowest air temperature was the our city yesterday 24.5 ℃ , drop apparently than having the day before yesterday. Yesterday morning, the cloud after our city rain opens sunrise, in south to southwest sway below, air temperature rises quickly, the highest air temperature yesterday afternoon is 35.7 ℃ , appeared today summer day of first high temperature, add the air after rain is humid in the morning, so extremely big home feels yesterday to be heated up again frowzily again. As the occurrence of high temperature, plum rains day also ended. Suzhou city observatory announced yesterday: At present big compression ring sheds a situation to be being adjusted, as subtropic high pressure extends north to carry on the west, future advocate rain belt will be located in Huang Huai area, our city plum rains period precipitation ends. The our city since now gives a plum, turn gradually suffer subtropic high-pressured control, enter season of midsummer high temperature.

This year is typical Feng Mei year

"Enter Mei Zao this year, give Mei Ye early, the Feng Mei that is a model year " , slave station of Suzhou city professional observatory grows Chen Fei reviewing to say, the our city enters a plum from June 8 this year, come to will give a plum on July 4, the plum is 26 days long. All compare into time giving a plum this year slant all the year round early (enter Mei Ri on average all the year round on June 15, day giving a plum on July 9, all the year round the plum is 25 days long) . End at present, whole town average plum rains measures 309.2 millimeter, much closer than slanting on average all the year round 4 into (all the year round plum rains measures 230.9 millimeter) , the Feng Mei that this year is a model year. Plum rainfall distributings on south much north is little, among them Wu Jiang is 401.8 millimeter at most, more than slanting all the year round 8.5 into, home Zhang harbor is 220.2 millimeter the least, adjacent all the year round.

Prospective weather fine heats up high temperature

How is prospective weather met? Forecast of Suzhou city observatory says, air current of the northwest after at present our city headroom accepts slot is affected, of the south subtropic high pressure begins to increase again and north is extended to carry on the west gradually, our city of day of predicting future 5-7 will heat up high temperature weather to give priority to with the fine, extremely highest air temperature can amount to 36-37 ℃ . Be in subtropic below high-pressured influence, the our city appears likely still afternoon the strong convection weather such as gale of thunderstorm of bureau ground sex. Specific for, predict weather is cloudy today to the fine, highest today air temperature may achieve 35-36 ℃ . Yesterday afternoon, city observatory issued high temperature report external, remind everybody to want to notice to do good sunstroke prevention to drop in temperature preparation, go out the attention is prevented bask in.
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