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Regard Suzhou as the person very proud

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"Greek president is right the travel impression of Suzhou is first-rate! I feel very proud as Suzhou person! " yesterday, people's Republic of China is stationed in Luo Linquan of Greek republic ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to accompany Greek president Kaluoluosi Papuliyasi to call in Suzhou. Regard Suzhou person regain as birthplace, luo Linquan appears this special deep feeling.
Luo Linquan left home town to take advanced courses to Beijing 1977. Last year, he becomes China to be stationed in Greek ambassador. Luo Linquan says, this year on March 24, beijing Olympic Games is in Greek Ao Lin be equal to inferior obtain holy fire smoothly, china was stationed in colleague of Greek embassy collectivity to make the greatest effort for this. On Feburary 27, the spring invites Papuliyasi's president Ying Luolin visit China is stationed in Greek ambassador official residence, decide to attend the ignition ceremony March 24 personally. "The holy fire ignition that Greek president attends other country personally and hand over a ceremony, first time still is on Olympic Games history, the special courteous reception that this is pair of China " , luo Linquan says, oneself can become hand of torch of class of the first ambassador to feel very proud, also can hold the Olympic Games for the motherland and clinking pride. After Luo Linquan fulfils torch hand mission before long, jump over ocean to interview with respect to what received our newspaper reporter invite, this lets him feel accident already times feeling is honoured, "Home town media and reader still are caring us these are far the person in foreign land " , luo Da makes express acknowledgment greatly to this. In interviewing, he still joyfullies inscribe " say hello to to Suzhou daily reader " .
Luo Linquan says, china and Greek it is ancient country of thing square civilization respectively, having the place of a lot of likeness, jiangsu and Buddhist nun of Greek Sa the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces overcome a province to having very good collaboration to concern, regard Suzhou as the person, oneself also are willing very much to drive home town is mixed Greek the communicates collaboration to make his contribution between, want home town to have what need only, oneself are met certainly hammer and tongs. He still says, he already received the incoming letter of city of Home Zhang harbor, hope and Greek city build friendly sister city, "I myself support very positive attitude to this, I can promote this issue hard " .

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