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Olympic Games of clue of dew of brand competition times is ecbolic Suzhou silk

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The branch has had a such investigation related the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, is group of trade of the Olympic Games delegacy that Beijing came to during the Olympic Games 2008, each country the most pressing what is the Chinese commodity of need? Silk, rank the first.

Olympic Games business chance is forthcoming, a few intentional silk enterprises already were in ahead of schedule " drilling " . There are 150 many countries to be stationed in in what held at Beijing a few days ago China on the royal late mid-autumn evening party that the ambassador attends, limited company of silk of Suzhou flower treasure rolls out " too lake snow " silk product of series be waitinged for is wonderful appear, got the favour of each country ambassador. .

The expert thinks, real silk home spins a brand in recent years rise abruptly, show this industry is being broken " brand vacuum " , leave the sort of in the past is in in market competition the situation that relies on low get the upper hand of, the trend pays attention to the rational competition times that the brand runs more.

Consumption upgrades promote silk industry hot

In most person eye, silk appears high and mysterious, the culture that comes thousands of years is accumulated make send out an unapproachable glamour, add performance of its green, health care, your other mixed fiber is dim and blank, be known as consequently " fiber empress " . In last few years, per capita of our country dweller rises ceaselessly, the dweller consumed class of ability, consumption to also get very big promotion, this drove real silk home to spin the abidance of product market sale to warm up. The data that comes from Chinese silk guild shows, gross value of industrial output of industry of our country silk was as high as 150 billion yuan 2005, silk product sales revenue 125 billion yuan, maintained in the last few years grow considerably.

Real silk home is spun wait to make the new window that enters spending of common people household. The concerned statistic of Department of Commerce makes clear, at present our country silk is in by year of sale of the market 2 billion yuan of above. What spin a product to differ with traditional home is, traditional before silk home is spun be confined to bedcover of silks and satins, the necessary gift that is regarded as to marry by old generation person, but as a result of jacquard weave too too massiness, do hard, the price holds high and become the home to spin medium mainstream product hard, real silk home spins product criterion slam the door original real silk weakness, the product vogue of development, frivolous. And the bedcover of silks and satins that older generation person marries, its quilt inner tube still is cotton embryo, massiness. Real silk home spins a product " natural " , " green " figure, more the consumptive trend that accords with modern.

The brand shows clue at the beginning of competitive times

The expert thinks, home of Chinese real silk spins an industry to leaving to was mixed without the card in the past stage by stage the stage of production that stick a card, the brand shows clue at the beginning of competitive times.
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