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Suzhou brief introduction: Kunqu opera of storytelling and ballad singing in S

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General situation:

Suzhou is located in Jiangsu to visit southeast department, shanghai is faced east, zhejiang is received south, xi Baotai lake, north depends on the Yangtse River. Coordinate of manage of a person's mind in Suzhou urban district is north latitude 31 ° 19 ' , the east longitude 120 ° 37 ' . Entire market accumulates 8488 square kilometer, among them urban area 1650 square kilometer. 2006 year end, whole town total population 6160814 people, among them city area under administration 2301497 people. City of harbor of Zhang Jia of the administer below Suzhou city, Changshu city, too storehouse city of city, elder brother hill, Wu Jiang city, area of Chang of area of area of Wu Zhong area, photograph the city zone, smooth river, dark blue billow, gold, and area of grave of tiger of high new developed area of area of Suzhou industry garden and Suzhou.

Suzhou area a network of waterways is densely covered, the urban district is the area with the center of Changjiang Delta a network of rivers and countrywide the most concentrated river, area of the whole nation's famous rice high production is all round, agriculture develops, have " a region of rivers and lakes as land that abounds in rivers and lakes " , " the world barn " , " an abundant place " say. Here content Hua Tianbao, ground of an outstanding personality is clever, because of its from ancient flourish up to now develop, long fill unabated culture and economy, be known as " terrestrial heaven " , element has " of silk (the government office of silk) " , " the city of gardens " beautiful praise. Because its are small a region of rivers and lakes of other people of bridge running water is ancient city characteristic, and have " Oriental Venice " , " Oriental water (Oriental water city) " say. The Suzhou of nowadays has been become " there is garden in the city " , " there is a city in garden " , hill, water, city, forest, garden, town is an organic whole, classic with contemporary and perfect union, Gu Yun today the internationalization of wind, harmonious development is metropolitan.

Suzhou is located in temperate zone, belong to semi-tropical monsoon maritime climate, the four seasons is trenchant, climate is friendly, rainfall is abundant. Whole town relief is low smooth, 55% what Campagna occupies gross area, a network of rivers is densely covered, land is fecund, products is rich. Basically cultivate paddy, wheat, cole, produce mulberry of cotton, silkworm, Lin Guo, special local product has green jade saury of snail spring tea, the Yangtse River, too crab of lake of lake whitebait, Yang Cheng. Suzhou is the government office of an abundant place of famed far and near, silk, element has " terrestrial heaven " beautiful praise.

The history:

The history since Suzhou has literal account oneself already had 4000 old, it is the whole nation one of famous cities of first 24 histories culture. Long history, be pregnant with alone attractive Wu Wen is changed. Suzhou city only then build at BC 514 years, be apart from already had 2500 old histories today. Still be located in year period at present locally, maintaining basically " adjacent of phase of market of terraqueous and collateral, river " double chessboard pattern, "3 vertical 3 horizontal strokes one annulus " wadi water system and " garden of name of tile of black of little bridge running water, whitewash a wall, historical sites " distinctive scene.
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