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Reforming and opening impress of 30 years of Suzhou

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This is a time that changes quickly, all new blow on the face and come. Never had seen, fail to had worked, had not had the courage to think... excitement letting a person, exciting, a little swimmy even. New with old, finishing gradually in collision mix alternately gradual progress.
Old photograph: Boreal temple tower just repair, open to tourist afresh. And receiving the mouth that drive the bridge, that " Culture Revolution " during the pailou since build still is in, just above catchphrase changed content; If right now, cameraman can camera lens transfer 180 degrees -- people Lu Leqiao widened to drink Ma Qiao 32 meters. 1980 new year's day, this project was finished. Tear open change 365, this is in at that time is absolutely with great quantity.
Subbranch of a bank of Suzhou of Bank of China holds water. This still is bank of major of a foreign currency at that time. Liberate first, because this bank is basic without business, removed
Still be in new year's day, still be in people road, subbranch of a bank of Suzhou of Bank of China opens magnify auspicious. Even if be in busy streets center, the granite building that there is two stones lion before that door or absolutely ground grab an eye. After all, a such popular words inside very long period of time: "See a building see a bank. "See a building see a bank..
Aside: Be worth a record, it is Suzhou not merely of course much a bank, because that holds out pretty building,not be more. Those who have historical sense is, suzhou had bank of foreign currency major afresh.
Suzhou has a Bank of China formerly. Nevertheless, it was removed 1950, reason is " Suzhou does not have the condition that creates bank of foreign currency major. " and Bank of China of very long period of time is to conduct foreign currency business technically.
1980, stage a come back of Bank of China, the Suzhou foreign trade that setting is this two years " blowout " . Frequently data, liberate first, the foreign trade of Suzhou whole town buys amount is 1.72 million yuan only, and 1980, this is occupied had been 550 million yuan. Of course, seize the dry goods such as macrocephalic or silk, cotton cloth. In addition, basically be " 3 will fill " -- supplied materials treatment, come appearance treatment, communication or parcel received is assembled, the improvement trade that compensation trade gives priority to.
much kind " money " cry " foreign exchange certificate " . People bazaar is upstairs gave store of domestic overseas Chinese. Have " foreign currency certificate " the back goes in continuously continuously " move " close spruce commodity, the person that do not have also loves to sneak away go in horizon
The day still is done not have fully black, as usual of wool head boy should run toward out. Ride bike, single hand is grasped, another hand is helping a shoulder up to get on that " 3 ocean " card 4 horns. Card in turn over the Deng Lijun of the collection one box to leave shake day is noisily. Behind, the small blueness that the a gang comes forward 20 years old is versed in, monochromatic permanent 28 inches of bicycle, surname the swagger through the street that resemble accordingly, plunge into toward the girl's much place only.
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