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Suzhou of famous culture ancient city, it is the city of a gardens not only, and the government office that also is a silk. Tang Song period, suzhou is countrywide silk center; Times of bright Qing Dynasty, cloth of royal and advanced silk also mostly the hand of out Suzhou weaver. Now, the silks and satins that Suzhou fortnight produces, can the start Chang'an from ancient the Silk Road, spread terminal Junshitandingbao; The silks and satins that produces nearly 10 years, can circle the earth 45 rounds, accordingly, suzhou element has " the countryside of silk " beautiful praise.

To promote the silk culture of our country, publicize the history that industry of our country silk grows, current situation to domestic and international tourist, emerge as the times require of Suzhou silk museum. It is located inside beauty spot of tower of Suzhou north birthday. Build dignified elegance, novel and chic, cover an area of 9460 square metre, will old culture and confluence of stylish organic ground are together. Its architectural theme is " the Silk Road " : Hold the historic connection of archaic the Silk Road and contemporary silk city, mirror the open consciousness that thing square culture communicates.

The integral colour of silk museum is given priority to with white, in order to reflect the instinctive quality of silk. The station is by the side of gate square, can see one symbolizes " the Silk Road " thing passageway, with perforative advocate the metope of white of whole sealing modernization of building north and south intersects. What metope is in one nature in population is labyrinthian, the softness of indicative silk, elegant, the wall is very erect an aberrant mulberry, intermediate circle hollow out, on just like the Silk Road one paragraph of ancient city wall that be continuous, in extremely powerful contemporary breath, make a person apparent feel traditional attraction. Decorating respectively before the wall collect Sang Nv, alkyl gauze daughter and knit silken female 3 honour white marble is statuary, gift museum with dynamic beauty. Advocate lid of type of building coping tower carries a building on the head, couplet letting a person remembers the Silk Road is on the way exotic different region amorous feelings, the photograph of boreal temple tower that is opposite with museum Yao again is harmonious. The interior of museum is decorated, very pure and fresh also elegance. Distributing to exhibit the of all kinds sculpture of the room at each, all give the hand from our country's famous sculptor.

Enter order office, the brilliant history of silk ancient country, figure is shown racily in at the moment. On central cliff quarter " silkworm, mulberry, silk, silk " words of 4 inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, generalized the entire content of Suzhou silk museum compactly. Left gigantic a lapidarian mural, racily emersion the evolution process that silk of our country ancient time develops and achievement of its science and technology. Stand by mural, have one honour the ancient costume woman of dignified beauty is statuary, there is pod in the hand, the eye is alike in spirit thinking, she is the first sericiculture in historical fokelore " silkworm god " -- wife Wei leave uncovered of Huang Di. Look up look up at, carry droplight of on countless ivory translucent pod form on the head, take people the silkworm mulberry world of person ancient time. Along " filar road " on the right side of, the anaglyph of team of a group of desert camel, image is dramatic, of primitive simplicity is simple and honest, as organic as half wall union, since showing Han Tang the scene characteristic of the Silk Road. "Archaic house " silk is displayed, with its precious silk cultural relic reachs model, picture, revealed a The Neo-lithic Age the origin of terminal silk, till the course of change and development that silk of period of bright Qing Dynasty produces, it is a silk of condensed Chinese ancient time history. Silk cannot leave silkworm mulberry, "Silkworm mulberry is resided " it is a basis latter-day farmhouse sericiculture grows the true scene of mulberry and mulberry field give somebody a new lease on life. Cross into " weaving lane " , it is picture another, the handiwork of the archaic loom that can see all sorts of kinds here and conventional technology operates a performance, like line of business of silk of Suzhou of period of body Lin Mingqing " northeast half city, voice of 10 thousand machine " prosperous condition. Girl Weavers wear ancient costume to make the spot perform. Loom of velvet loom, Zhang damask loom, cloud bright and beautiful, foot steps plane of bridge silk machine, green silk, undertaking locomotive operating, the weaving process of the famous silk breed such as cloth with soft nap of classics of archaic Yun Jin, colour, green silk, get demonstrating adequately here.
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