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Jiangsu Suzhou: Real silk is tasted rise in price the sericulture that take hea

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Be opposite as people of natural dress material chase after hold in both hands, silk kind the price of commodity already had small to rise, especially silk by price when the river rises the boat goes up too. And silk kind of commodity rose in price to also bring about pod directly rise in price, the income of silkworm raiser rises somewhat. This is the news that the reporter knew when interview a few days ago.

A of 10 catalpa streets manage silk technically by merchant says: She is him him sericiculture is machined, oneself sell. Silk by rose in price really recently. Especially the summer comes recently, frivolous silk by particularly welcome.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, silk kind the main reason that commodity rises in price has: One, the market increases to mulberry silk demand, export price rises ceaselessly. 2, the pod crop that serves as raw material decreases, rise in price. 3, the abidance of option market price walks along chrysalis silk profit of situation of exit of tall, spot market is good the influence that reachs pod gross in short supply, push further tall chrysalis silk price.

And a few days ago, the data that city price bureau publishs shows: Chrysalis of our city spring buys valence on average to be every to carry this year (50 kilograms) 1230 multivariate, sheet piece (about 42.5 kilograms) income 1052 yuan, every mus of Sangtianping all accrual is controlled 800 yuan, silkworm raiser obtains good crop again. Pod rose in price to still cause a farmer cultivate enthusiastic move. Since this year, pod is bought rise in price, make enthusiasm of silkworm raiser sericiculture rises. A few silkworm raiser had wanted to throw sweet camphor young plant, replant mulberry.

The farmer Wang Hua that source of peach of Wu Jiang city presses down raised a piece of silkworm to plant designedly this year. And before some year, their home raises half pieces of silkworm to plant only commonly. Increase the reason that sericiculture measures is pod to bought valence to rise this year, if everything is successful, this piece of silkworm is planted can bring 1000 multivariate income for Home Wang Hua. As we have learned, now of pod buy the price to be maintained commonly be in 1 jin 10 yuan of Qian Zun are right. The pod price when this compares trough had risen many. A few farmers see sericiculture economy income is higher, also begin to think much sericiculture. But as a result of before some year kind of nursery stock become a common practice, a large number of mulberry were chopped kind of sweet camphor seedling, and because sweet camphor seedling is loftier, can hold off the light of mulberry. Accordingly, should be in short-term inside large area ground restores mulberry field also is impossible job. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, pod rises in price also is fluctuant as the adjustment of the international market, farmer people should information of great understanding market, ability is chased after not blindly go up, just also can let oneself gain bigger profit.
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