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Hangzhou is proud plum silk limited company

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Hangzhou is proud plum silk limited company is a major is engaged in dress of real silk fabrics, real silk and bedding exporting a company, its are main the real silk dress that the client is Western Europe and North America, bedding and marriage gauze client, what its produced quality quantity and service to win a client is extensive reputably.
Company name: Hangzhou is proud E -Mail of plum silk limited company: Controller of Report of Yuan Yumei Word: 0571-81507446 manages mode: Commerce of type of production service pass True: Number of employee of 0571-88033655: Vacant post Make up: 310021 year turnover: Empty net Station: Http:// Location: 15-3-302(310021) of city of hardware of macrocosm of Jiang Gan area supplies a product:Real silk fabrics, real silk bedding, real silk dress, towel of real silk silk, real silk cravat begs buy a product: Real silk fabrics, real silk product processing factory