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Gift of culture of silk of Hangzhou gold elegant a small room

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Company introduction
Center of research and development of gift of silk of Hangzhou gold elegant a small room is the plan that a major pursues craft gift, design, production, sell at an organic whole integrated model enterprise. Classics of all previous of company author Mr Zhang Wenming more than 10 carry pair of market survey and technical with great concentration to study, introduced a lot of outstanding technique talents, established to have dimensions to turn production, sell the preeminent group of silk gift. Cent of company major servicing is color print of silk painting and calligraphy, brocade, calligraphy and painting mounts a picture, ceremony box is packed, make casing and of all kinds dress, fabrics hand draw. Person of elegant a small room holds to gold to be begged with credit live, seek progress with quality, as always with the client consummate for the principle, insist to innovate, consecratory high-quality goods. Cordial welcome often is considered newly domestic and internationally the customer comes, develop hand in hand, start good tomorrow in all.

Exhibition hall of product of company basic message
Company name: E -Mail of gift of culture of silk of Hangzhou gold elegant a small room:
Chief: Luo Guochao phone: 0571-85043260
Management mode: Commerce of type of production service fax: Empty
Employee number: 11-50 person postcode: Empty
Year turnover: RMB 1 million yuan / year - 2.5 million yuan / year website:
Address: Empty
Supply a product: Silk book, silk picture, silk handicraft
Beg buy a product: Empty