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Limited company of silk of Hangzhou auspicious source

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Major produces all sorts of silk fabrics

Exhibition hall of product of company basic message
Company name: E -Mail of limited company of silk of Hangzhou auspicious source:
Chief: Ceng Binghui phone: 13645812111
Management mode: Commerce of type of production service fax: 0571-56191286
Employee number: 5 people are the following postcode: 310009
Year turnover: RMB 1 million yuan / year - 2.5 million yuan / year website: Http://
Address: Hangzhou city Qiu Tao district city of 8 China knitting 3215 (310009)
Supply a product: All sorts of silk fabrics; Silk interweaves fabrics; Real silk knitted piece goods
Beg buy a product: Empty