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Limited company of dress of Hangzhou Chun Hua

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Company introduction
Limited company of dress of Hangzhou Chun Hua, found 1990, the first batch our company are city of Hangzhou China silk is engaged in scarf producing one of management units, manage meticulously what experienced 18 years, became scarf industry to produce one of business. 18 years of Lai Chunhua's people, the major that produces a field in scarf by right of oneself is produced and sell experience, formed what research and development of a market, production, sale is an organic whole to have the team of professional quality. In the meantime, companion expands as company ceaseless development, seasonable infuse is many capital, introduce the loom of advanced jacquard weave that Germany imports, whole computer operation realized on production, technical capability achieves international advanced level, promoted a product quality greatly thereby, also improved the productivity of the company at the same time. The company already grew change to become the modern company that pays equal attention to for a science and technology and talent gradually. Company product sells as far as to the Arabia Moslem country such as southeast Asia middle east, also include the country such as a few Euramerican, south Africa. Respect of research and development, the company has the professional quality of independent draw a design, in sale respect, the company is in firm Hangzhou base of sale in domestic market while opened the export window in justice black again, carry on of all kinds order for goods. The company is in early registered the brand that owned oneself 1997 " Chun Hua " , as a brand-new and red-blooded brand, the company is versed in by Hangzhou city assess of management board of commercial firm politics abides by contract for “ 10 years continuously, keep good faith ” unit.

Exhibition hall of product of company basic message
Company name: E -Mail of limited company of dress of Hangzhou Chun Hua: Yw5450235@163, com
Chief: Yu Chunhua phone: 0571-85196916
Management mode: Commerce of type of production service fax: 0571-85193041
Employee number: Empty postcode: 310004
Year turnover: Empty website: Http://
Address: Market of silk of the city zone below Hangzhou city 100 / healthy road 25 (310004)
Supply a product: Of all kinds scarf and Moslem female cover a head
Beg buy a product: Empty