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Lake city Xing Qin is silk factory

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Lake city Xing Qin is silk the factory is professional production, sale the enterprise of type of production of products of all sorts of real silk fabrics, the product has Qiao Ji (10101, 10102, 10103, 10106, 10168) , suitable Yu (10152) , real silk (10146) , snow is spun (6m/m, 8m/m) , the floss is spun (9m/m, 12m/m) , the door for 114 ~ 140, can ask according to the client custom-built. This factory concept: Seek progress with quality, make friend with sincere letter. Company of some foreign trade of this factory and Shanghai forms the strategy to help a concern, the client that has demand of foreign trade imports and exports (English, Japanese but) ask connection plum manager: 13052000096

Exhibition hall of product of company basic message
Company name: Lake city Xing Qin is silk factory E -Mail:
Chief: Tang Baigen phone: 13868298099
Management mode: Commerce of type of production service fax: 021-66102286
Employee number: 11-50 person postcode: 313026
Year turnover: RMB 1 million yuan / year - 2.5 million yuan / year website: Http://
Address: Village of heavy million of lake state city and town of inspire confidence in sb is new on the west (313026)
Supply a product: Qiao Ji, suitable Yu, real silk, floss is spun
Beg buy a product: Empty