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Hangzhou limited company of trade of Hua Cuiyuan silk

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Carry on major of treatment of of all kinds and professional scarf, monograph, efficient, fashionable Hangzhou limited company of trade of Hua Cuiyuan silk is scarf of a professional exit, the silk products company of the product such as amice, provide treatment professional work for many domestic and international well-known trademark, the company is the pursuit of oneself with making China's best silk product, rely on the professional production that is engaged in silk product domain and sale experience, the hope can assist what you promote a brand to specialization, range of products is changed, form distinctive brand style, found red-blooded brand, the assortment that shows a company has real silk jacquard weave, real silk printing, cleanse silk is carried, printing, abb printing, cashmere printing, hammer bead, embroidery is waited a moment in high-grade silk towel. The company masters the newest data of international popularity trend, to satisfy the need of global broad client, ground of company good faith serves every client, for client consider, wish to cooperate sincerely with you, order for the client continuously make vogue, high grade product. Welcome global client sincerely to come our company choose and buy, custom-built

Exhibition hall of product of company basic message
Company name: Hangzhou E -Mail of limited company of trade of Hua Cuiyuan silk:
Chief: Phone of Yang Xu red: 0571-56823233
Management mode: Commerce of type of production service fax: Empty
Employee number: 5 people are the following postcode: 310003
Year turnover: RMB 1 million yuan / year the following website: Http://
Address: Hangzhou founds a state boreal road 281 (310003)
Supply a product: Filar towel, scarf, amice
Beg buy a product: Empty