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[supply] net of silk of _ of silk floss of handiwork of silkworm of silkworm cou

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Silk floss and silk floss all are the traditional special local product of tung countryside. Tung countryside is the government office of the countryside of the whole nation's famous silkworm mulberry, silk. The silk floss quality of a material that produces here
Firm soft, without muscle, without piece, without whiteness of foreign matter, colour and lustre, the silk floss that makes with this by, gentleness is warm, still can send out the faint scent that gives a kind of nature,
Welcome by global travelling merchant.
When the silk floss that make, choose high grade Chun Shuanggong chrysalis to be raw material, thoroughly cook pod dip above all at clear water in, take out the silkworm chrysalis in chrysalis next, chrysalis
Housing pares enlarge pine stretchs tight set go up in the fist. Wait for stretch tight fold 5, 6 later, enlarge is become bag, bag is covered go up in a special hemicycle Zhu Gong, discard is washed clean
Get off after, string together with the line hang air to bask in, one is become namely after insolation " whiteness is like jade " continous moves round.
Silk floss by the tradition makes a way also is manual operation, wrap up a continous of a hemicycle above all, tear apart a breach, pull continous piece, next by 2
The person pulls continous respectively face-to-face piece two end, ably exert oneself to do sth continous piece pull one layer upon layer silk floss, common says " the bag that pull continous " . This ably exert oneself to do sth, say
Simple, do it is not easy to do. It is wanting to need according to density opportunely opportunely, not strong not not weak, urgent not slow ground stretchs tight pull. Only such ability are pulled
"Divide evenly is thin like paper " , " jade-like stone clean is like jade " continous garrulous. this kind of soft silk garrulous one layer upon layer ground is folded rise by core, reoccupy complete cotton and real silk are made by
Face or bedding bag, an excellent silk bright and beautiful be made.
Return with silk floss but make it cotton-padded clothes, cotton-padded trousers, have very good heat preservation effect! Put on already light soft have breathe freely, suit old person, child to use particularly.