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"Two meetings " build character to cause Chinese discussion interest of the folk

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On March 15, inside the classroom of Beijing dress institute, a few classmates that wear Chinese generation dress tell unship in what chair, for everybody trends demonstrates Chinese the formal ceremony such as ceremony of ethical tradition adult, wedding, attract large quantities of classmates to come round to watch. The name is " 5 ceremonies show Neon skirt Wu Guoyun elegant demeanour " Chinese take hold inside the campus that reveal and discusses an activity to was in Beijing dress institute on March 15, colorful Chinese take and broad and profound traditional and formal culture attracted school inside and outside view of numerous teachers and students is noted. Annual " two meetings " during holding, delegate committee member puts forward will " Chinese take take as degree reach revive Chinese ethical culture " , cause a society extensive resonance. In the meantime, media of much home network rolls out jointly " I have a problem to ask a prime minister " in two meetings column, "Revive Chinese ethical tradition dress " it is one of popular topics that become masses care more. By tradition of Beijing dress institute culture Maecenas association is combined " Han Yifang " reach Chinese take the person that revive people this second activity that conducts jointly, with from " 3 emperor 5 emperor " the China that period forms is traditional " 5 ceremonies " give priority to a line, through compere figure vivid introduction reachs what volunteer counterpoise wants formal process to deduce, for all and attendant person went up a figure the concerned adult ceremony of be overflowing with of vivid, gout, shoot ceremony, sacrificial rites to wait for 8 kinds big Chinese ethical tradition is formal of series knowledge popularize a class. The tenet of association of Maecenas of culture of tradition of Beijing dress institute is the traditional dress culture that disentomb and protects 56 nations of Chinese; "Han Yifang " all the time with " fashionable rhythm waves traditional air " be carried on for the concept and revive Chinese ethical tradition culture; With tomb figure of be subordinate to of book of big the Qin Dynasty (net name) be a delegate Chinese group of the person that culture revives, also drive in civilian initiative ground, actively all the time in recent years Chinese take development. This the activity also is tripartite is opposite actually Chinese culture is in contemporary arisen when reach development trend, direction to do significant discussion. Tripartite elaborated each comfortable and different domain to be respectively Chinese ethical culture revives the work that does and obtained result, communicated a few idea that develop about future further. Origin: China News Service