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Silk of Department of Commerce is worked by brand sale informal discussion summa

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To protect the legitimate rights and interests of broad consumer, operator and generator, safeguard the market to manage order, drive silk to be developed in order by industrial health, silk of chrysalis of country of Department of Commerce does as industrial and commercial as the country total bureau market manages at was in on January 31, 2007 Jiangxi Nanchang held silk to be worked by brand sale jointly informal discussion. Came from nearly 100 delegates of 16 province city of countrywide to attend the meeting. The conference communicated each district silk to be produced to manage a case; Discussed strengthen an industry self-discipline, do well the strategy of brand sale and measure; Be produced in the light of silk, current in the main problem of existence undertook delibrate. The conference was achieved expect an end, achieve complete success. Be as follows with respect to conference summary now: The conference thinks, what make the same score as flowing water of the people's livelihood of our country urban and rural house in last few years is ceaseless rise, domestic silk sells constant growth, especially silk by production and consumption got developing more quickly, a when already made progress of industry of silk of the chrysalis that prop up main product and the Xin Liang that enter spending of common people household are nodded. According to estimation, at present countrywide each district has silk to be produced the company is close 1000, produce per year a quantity to be in nearly 100 of dimensions of 10 thousand above among them, produce per year a quantity to be in the enterprise of 100 thousand above 50 or so, be like card of the brand of Xin predestined relationship that Jiangsu sea brings, Su Hao, the silver-colored feng4huang2 of Zhejiang comes card of card, red rope card, lucky heart card, ten million detailed, the plate of dream silk home of the card of Er love skin that fills south Sichuan, happy lotus card of Beijing, Hubei, the whole nation sells silk every year to be in 5 million or so, year sale is in 2 billion yuan of above; Average every are used up already the silk of degum near 2 kilogram, be equivalent to year use up not the silk of degum 12 thousand tons, also be equivalent to year use up bright chrysalis nearly 100 thousand tons (nearly 2 million bright chrysalis) , hold countrywide pod output 14% the left and right sides. Countrywide silk is centered in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Sichuan by the 70% above of crop 3 provinces, the industry is spent centrally opposite taller. Current, silk already was versed in by the hand by production mill type production is changed to dimensions, modern, brand changes direction to develop, the positional day in chrysalis silk industry is shown outstanding. The conference points out, as a result of in last few years silk is developed by production, consumption expands ceaselessly, also appeared subsequently a few fake etc damage silk by industrial phenomenon. Basically be illegal operator to get profit of wrong high specified number, with false and inferior product and tort copy Mao Chang sells brand product to invade the market, have the power that expands ceaselessly, this kind of mix the false with the genuine, shoddy phenomenon, harmed the interest of consumer severely not only, also affected silk by fame, endangering the development of industry of whole chrysalis silk. To this, should cause each height inside course of study to take seriously, adopt practical step to try check. The conference emphasizes, be managed by current production and market according to silk circumstance, will do nice silk to be worked by brand sale from the following respects henceforth, check is fake of behavior pervade. One, it is forerunner with science and technology, promotion silk by content of brand science and technology. Encourage an enterprise to implement brand strategy, brand strategy, through promoting silk by the content of science and technology of brand product, improve the life quality of consumer. At present silk product is remained give priority to in order to export, adopted kind is to come mostly appearance sticks a card, in measuring the silk product with wide bedding face, only silk is held to by the product sale in domestic market is given priority to, face common people family to stress Chinese native land distinguishing feature, it is the industry that has completely own intellectual property. Brand enterprise should continue to insist to innovate from the technology, strengthen research and development of science and technology ceaselessly, come out the characteristic and sufficient play with outstanding and immanent silk; Through science and technology, scientific research development makes product diversification, make concept of science and technology is contained in the product, ceaseless development gives the new product that fits consumer to savour a requirement, lead this the development of one industry with high starting point. 2, strengthen an industry to control oneself, safeguard silk by brand image. Strengthen an industry self-discipline, build the guild regulations that has sanction, increase the social sense of responsibility of the enterprise. Proposal China Silk Association establishs silk by industry branch, each province industry also should form self-discipline, have in-house tie. Should in order to publish a business enunciative wait for a form to undertake the industry controls oneself, especially silk by advocate produce a province to wait like Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Liaoning should serve as do well the pilot province that the industry controls oneself, do by local chrysalis silk take the lead, the province self-discipline of adept course of study is built first, carry out industry self-discipline to lay a foundation for the whole nation. 3, establish good occupation standard, normative silk is produced behavior. Establish silk as soon as possible by standard origanization construction, be in charge of by Chinese Silk Association, strengthen a leadership, organize technical force, repair calm silk afresh by occupation standard, make repair the standard after deciding to be able to satisfy current trade and the need that produce progress. Establish a standard, also want with when all is entered, want to change traditional in the past thinking way, mix around the market, environmental protection safeguard consumer rights and interests to establish a standard, manufacturing level should be united in wedlock with commerce standard photograph. In the standard, silk by the definition wants to make clear, centre of gravity should be put on commerce standard, environment standard and market level, outstanding with this factitious mixing scientific progress is watched. Opposite state environment wants harmfully to undertake tagging, formaldehyde and PH value should accord with international requirement, make domestic level makes international standard stage by stage. 4, the sale network that builds a standard as soon as possible, stimulative silk is built by the market system of the brand. Initial tentative plan is by China Silk Association takes the lead, with high-grade silk the mark is nodded to be cut, choice whole nation is main big in the brand shop that the city will come to build product of high-grade silk mark, adopted kind is concessionary manage, developing pattern is chain monopolistic. Adopt the platform of network of this one sale, with unified management mode, the force of collect brand enterprise, form resultant force, strengthen include silk by inside strength of silk product conduct propaganda and propagandist effect, guide the consumptive concept of silk consumer, promotion adds the enterprise of sale network and product figure, check is fake of the product pervade. 5, as industrial and commercial as the country administration executes the law hand of ministry scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet, strengthen pair of silk by the superintendency of the market. National chrysalis silk does to be versed in U.N. home commercial firm politics runs total bureau, the special operation that is given priority to to want content by market order with punish silk is begun inside countrywide limits, severity hits silk by false prosperous false and inferior behavior; Increase pair of false advertising to hit strength, enhance silk to be produced the brand consciousness of operator; Increase silk by the propagandist strength of brand enterprise, the differentiate false capacity that increases customer and dimension authority consciousness, enhance overall situation consciousness; Safeguard silk hard by the favorable management order of the market, stimulative silk is developed by the health of this one industry.
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