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Price negotiation is hit of 2% measure textile to dissolve RMB pressure ahead of

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The trend that the RMB appreciates quickly to the dollar gradually Anacreontic, two months since this year already appreciated 0.898% . But the textile that is considered as to suffer negative and major effect, show stronger adaptability however. "Monadlist is brushstroke brushstroke talk, since the RMB appreciates, when we are talking about a contract with the foreign trader, raised a few price really. " what be core business with foreign trade is medium Zhu Xiehe of secretary of big stock board of directors is being accepted as above is done to express when interviewing. It is certain to when talking about the price, be joined measure ahead of schedule, raise price first commonly 2% , in becoming, big stock reachs numerous spin enterprise to exported one of main measure that the RMB answers to appreciate on business in textile 2006. The price shows the good crop that spin industry obtained stronger adaptability 2006, it is the expression of this kind of adaptability. According to our country custom newest all computation is occupied, our country textile and total value of garment imports and exports were one hundred and sixty-five billion one hundred and thirty-six million dollar 2006, with on year grow 22.66% compared to the same period, 9.38% what hold total value of imports and exports of countrywide foreign trade, favorable balance of trade reachs one hundred and twenty-nine billion and thirty-four million dollar. Textile and clothing export total value are one hundred and forty-seven billion and eighty-five million dollar. Among them, textile exit amount is fifty-two billion two hundred and fifty-four million dollar, grow 18.84% compared to the same period; Clothing outlet amount is 94.83 billion dollar, grow 28.91% compared to the same period. Meanwhile, textile and the profit that take outfit job continue to grow more quickly. National hair changes appoint data shows, the sale of textile industry and profit grew 21 respectively 2006. 6% with 27. 96% . Because spin industry exports depend on sb or sth for existence to spend big, average profit margin low factor, be regarded as to suffer a RMB to appreciate all the time one of trades with negative the largest effect. But up to now, spin board piece appear on the market this kind of view that the outstanding achievement of the company refuted the market however. And your person " feel accident " is, our country textile showed stronger adaptability in export price respect. Research makes clear, exit of our country textile did not appreciate because of the RMB and depreciate, the spin after appreciating accordingly kind appear on the market firm financial standing is improved somewhat. Analysis of the personage inside course of study points out, the RMB appreciates extent is gone to by successful marry again to rare half on importer body, raising price moderately while, the home is spun, the company such as dress still turns one part cost to raw material enterprise. And can pass carry valence to give importer appreciating cost shift, because the spin product of our country still has price advantage in the world,be. Company put forth effort raises additional cost Zhu Xiehe to say frankly: "Appreciate addition cost, each apportion a bit, if arrive to do not have money to earn finally, then we also do not do this business. " in fact, in big stock has been exported from a lot of cheap dry goods exited in business. And " raise additional cost " , become company administrator to often be hanged in the speech of mouth edge. He introduces, "Current, of the company in the brand company that high-grade product basically exports abroad, those who export the forehead to had occupied company textile to export 3 into above. " 2007, big stock still will be in inside the manufacturing base that carry on starts, product line of printing of ink jet of mount a horse, an engineer of company is compared, this technology is equivalent to a laser printer. In high-grade product profit is relatively rich and generous, the space that raise price is larger, the pressure that the RMB appreciates is relatively lesser also. Yageer is in charge of Introduction Yan Haiping of foreign trade business, the new breed VP of the company (avoid hot shirt) with DP (avoid hot shirt completely) outcome is very good 2006, additional cost far outclass is common shirt. The industry is adjusted undertake sadly " can give importer appreciating cost shift through raising price, because the spin product of our country still has price advantage in the world,be, but if the RMB appreciates,exceed 8% , again it is so easy that upgrade carries valence to be done not have. " Guo Taijun installs industry analyst Li Zhixian to say frankly. If the RMB appreciates continuously, so a lot of more current textile exit will be profitless, because of unavoidable of this trade structural adjustment. Actually, the superior bad discard of the industry is early had begun. 45 years ago, on the small town of area of north of short for Zhejiang Province, have a lot of private those who manage is medium or small spin enterprise, basically receive foreign trade order. Time passes and the situation has changed, this one phenomenon has disappeared now. The export business of bibcock share basically is to decide a dot to machine the production that stick a card, concerned personage discloses, the company is advancing the strategy that waits for world-famous brand with Du Bang, crocodilian, Dishini, Xu Huacheng to cooperate, "Introduce come " and " go " , form oneself brand stage by stage. Current, product of dress of world most famous brand all has production in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, but the own brand that seeks company of Zhejiang, Jiangsu hard however in the international market. The importer that photograph comparing owns famous brand, cent sells business and terminal business, the profit of the 80% above inside spin industry is shared by them, the profit that manufacturing company gets is not worth commonly 5% . Accordingly, cao Xinyu of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports thinks, chinese textile dress is exported should to " moderate price " , " the quality that can depend on " and " excellent service " tripartite face tries hard, come true " high end of the stability low end, end in expanding, breakthrough " target. Origin: Newspaper of Chinese negotiable securities

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