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Take the making skill of alive bound front row
Silk dress and things all through the ages are nobility luxury life is indispensible, this brought about the energy industry spy of government-owned battalion weaving, product to high-grade change development. The progress of production that develops requirement technology, this makes silk production technology of China is inside quite long history period, locate alive bound front row all the time. Mulberry helps advance somebody's career the ceaseless innovation of the technology, weaving technology, art that knit embroider, and the creation invention of countless skillful craftsman, driving level of silk technology art to rise ceaselessly. It is OK that we are tasted through the cultural relic of each historical periods and be handed down from ancient times today peek is brilliant at that time development course of prosperity. In Chinese generation, chinese silk industry appeared first time height, the variety that knit embroider is rich, weaving method is diversiform, king of Hunan Changsha horse piles the cultural relic that come up out of land to prove with respect to enough silk develops reachs height at that time, right now the Silk Road debuts formally also; Tang Dynasty silk already renown shake the four seas, present the garment by the situation of the world, of the elegant, colour of the appearance of masterly, grain of weaving flowery, make Tang Dynasty silk reachs art and the perfect height that the technology combines; In Song Dai, the craft knitting embroider of Chinese silk appears to leap historicly, a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread, inwrought weaving is already special and mature, landscape of traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail of be current copy spends the bird, artwork such as calligraphy, become the strange flower on silk history; Mingqing silk is sided with more elegant, more what the noble changes is advanced take things direction to develop, appear piece resplendent and magnificent, luxurious strong beautiful imposing manner, promote skill of silk design design, weaving to acme. Came 5000, chinese silk describe effulgent canto, breathtaking height was reached on artistic, technology, the abundance of category, of quality of a material excellent, of design grain appearance elegant, of craft texture masterly, make a person acclaim as the peak of perfection! Be become like a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread, brocade, inwrought form even if represented the height that Chinese silk reachs, behaved the great wisdom of the Chinese nation, these traditional weaving methods are connected today the method of high-tech hard exceed.
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