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Silk ancient course is vestigial

Long development history
It is early before 5000, the Chinese is successful already ground domestication feral silkworm, use the tissue of filar weaving silk that it spits. In light of the distributinging area that according to our country silk involuntary discharge of urine puts, silkworm mulberry silk produces the major area that popularizes a country already, fashioned famous product of silk of a few places. The centre of gravity that silk produces at that time is the Yellow River in downstream area. After Wei Jin, north suffers worry of chaos caused by war, southern economy grows steadily relatively, silk produces centre of gravity gradually Xiang Na is transferred. The development after the silk production that downstream and special Changjiang Delta brings in the Yangtse River is bringing Shi Zhi chaos is very rapid, to the Tang Dynasty later period formed the Yellow River basically area of downstream area, Sichuan Ba Shu and the Yangtse River are downstream area the situation of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. To the change austral room of the Song Dynasty, southern more the focus that becomes silk production, especially one belt formed Changjiang Delta gradually a lot of professional town that give priority to course of study with silk, and it is the silk major market that rely on with this. Yuan era rises, cotton is cultivated begin to gain ground in countrywide each district, silk produces area to center Changjiang Delta to be taken further. So far production of silkworm mulberry silk basically is centered in Changjiang Delta to be taken. Southern mass-produced silk, north criterion heavy consumption silk.
Alone attractive silk culture
In endless historical endless flow, chinese silk pervades each aspects of past dynasties society deeply already, to people the life, production produces major effect, form the silk culture that has distinctive color gradually thereby, make the cream in treasury of culture of the Chinese nation. The development of silk of Chinese ancient time abounded the life of people garment not only, and the expressional form that still abounded other and a lot of art and connotation, wait like literature, poetry, painterly, sculpture, dancing, folk-custom, can discover the connection with silk countless ties always inside these domains; World-famous the Silk Road is at that time the ligament of thing square culture, business communication, contacting culture of distant Hellenistic, Persia, promoted the contact of trade of thing square merchandise, promotional also the friendship between each country, china also was won accordingly " Seres " (filar country) good name.
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