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Silk Road Exploration dream trip by car from Xian to Urumqi

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Yo Camel, Silk Road, Silk Road is an interesting song. Vicissitudes Road, contains a wealth of history and culture of the mystery and tell different legends. In the Silk Road by car on the way, I believe you will be able to appreciate the vast Smoke in the desert, listening to Camel Echoes from the year before, feeling left little trace of trail, you can also recall in the Lop Nur, the brilliant ancient Loulan, deep understanding of life in the restricted area of life great and determination. Travel: line and schedule D1 Huo Xian → Lanzhou with high-speed, etc., 624 km D2 → Dunhuang, Lanzhou and other high-speed connection Huo, 1140 km Dunhuang → Turpan D3 State Road 312, about 900 kilometers D4 Turpan → Urumqi Lianhuo high-speed and so on, 190 km Trans-Asian Silk Road is a connecting famous ancient Eurasian trade routes to land. Silk Road east from Chang'an (now Xi'an), the Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, across Congling (now the Pamirs), part of the Commonwealth of Independent States via Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and up to Eastern Mediterranean, length of over 7000 km, total length of the Silk Road in China more than 4,000 kilometers, about one-half of the Silk Road full of the strong. Silk Road more than 2,000 years of history, and her charm is eternal. Today, the ancient Silk Road along the numerous historical relics, monuments and magnificent natural scenery and colorful ethnic customs are still attracting the thousands of tourists from around the world. China along the Silk Road has a large section of historical and cultural monuments. Are: to be called the world's eighth wonder of the Terracotta Warriors, save the Famen Fogu Buddha, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Maiji Mountain, site of the Great Wall of Jiayuguan, and Han Feng Sui, the famous Tibetan Buddhist temple Rosenthal Temple, the Silk Road city of Gao Old City site. The natural landscape along the Silk Road, exotic and magnificent. Qinghai Lake, Swan Bayinbuluke grassland nature reserves and deep Tianshan Heavenly Lake, Qinghai Salt Lake, Lop Nur in the landform, Turpan Flaming Mountain and the Ghost City Karamay, etc., were added to infinite Silk Road dynamic charm. Silk Road in China across the region covered by China's Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang. Through Yinchuan Plain, the "Frontier South," the scenery was replaced by the volatility of gravel wasteland. Less and less vegetation on both sides of the highway, even the grass is difficult to see out. Maryland attractions worth mentioning: the whole piece of the city overlooking Mt cable, buried in a run-down neighborhoods in the clutter, so foreign visitors could barely find the entrance; Zhongshan Bridge on the Yellow River, now changed to a pedestrian bridge, more or less revealed some of the flavor of old and useless. Dunhuang Through the Hexi Corridor, West of Yang Guan Dunhuang go away, even more than from east to west across the Loess Plateau is still a long distance. Mostly highway, the left side of the Qilian Mountains, the right of the Mongolian Plateau, as well as from time to time in the field of vision of the ancient Great Wall, constitute the unforgettable scenery along the route. Jiayuguan is a watershed, further west, the highway became State Road, the road is not very good to go. Liu Yuannan London car from pitching the next. Dunhuang great mystery, a beautiful Crescent Lake, one by a mysterious treasure - none other than the Mogao Grottoes. Turpan The foot of the Tianshan Mountains, Turpan is a 155 meters below sea level in the basin. Turpan is not only low, and odd hot glare of the sun during the day on the street, as if the sun should the city of a general. Have a well-known attractions in Turpan Flaming Mountain is called, is actually a piece of red rock, because the climate was hot and became the "Journey to the West" in the Flaming Mountain of the prototype. Ancient City of Gaochang, Jiaohegucheng, Astana Tombs, Grape Valley and Karez, Turpan place worth seeing thanks to a number, however. Piece of blotting out the sun in the vine to the next to feel like entering a maze, to a paradise. In the desert hinterland, there is such a high mountain valley formed by snow, there is an oasis of rich, juicy, is not it a miracle? Grape Valley deep, the "Western Singer" Wang Luobin the memorial. After feeling the customs of the west, Wang Luobin memorable songs again, it would be more natural feel. Karez, the unexpected: a desert city, the theme actually is water. People through shafts and culverts, the mountains of the groundwater continuously transported to the ground, transported to the front of each house behind the house. Hard to imagine it, Turpan city square, there is a large artificial lake, look at the small device on the ground, you will find that this model is a copy of Karez. Wind zone have not been to ten miles of people, it is difficult to imagine the scene where the wind comes up. Large wind truck turned things can happen almost any time. Drive from Turpan to Urumqi, ten miles will wind through this prestigious area, experience the power of wind. Along the highway, have not seen the desert or wasteland, the place is magnificent Tianshan Mountain, via Dabancheng, is that the songs sung Dabancheng, that has a pretty girl Dabancheng, Dabancheng the vicinity of a China's largest wind power plant, a huge wind turbine aircraft stands on both sides of the road, lie hundreds of miles. Wind turbine Line Description: 1, the full line through Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, 4 provinces, travel about 3,000 km. 2, 312 State Road trip route to the main highway and the Lop Nur region, some of the Gobi desert sand, gravel sections. 3, the Silk Road tourism, route length, number of days more, the temperature difference between day and night, breakfast, lunch, altitude difference between the very special, folk customs and different and have their own particular tradition of eating habits, economic status and standard of living is much different, so before departure shall make all necessary preparations.