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Exposition of international of industry of the 2nd green

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Exhibit meeting site: Jinan international exhibition center extends meeting time: 2006-9-7 comes 2006-9-13

Postpone meeting brief introduction: Shandong province is located in the Yellow River downstream, the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea is faced east, have coasting of 3000 much kilometers, element has the title of Kong Mengzhi's countryside, formal state. Shandong province also is Chinese the eastpart part coastal one of the mainest economy area. 2004, the gross domestic product that Shandong saves jumps house whole nation the 2nd, year GDP amplitude is amounted to 15.3% .
Jinan is the provincial capital that Shandong visits, it is center of the politics of complete province, economy, culture, cover an area of a face to accumulate 8227 square kilometer, population 5.49 million, among them urban population 2.54 million. Jinan is located in the ministry of Chinese and Western of Shandong, famous Mount Taishan is faced south (U.N. is formal one of bequest of approbatory world natural culture) , north faces element to have the say Yellow River of ” of cradle of “ the Chinese nation.
Jinan is famous fontal city, the laminar flow of cliff of subterranean brook suitable lime that comes from a father-in-law drips to Jinan, suffer lava hold back go out from subterranean gush suddenly, form countless the mouth of spring. The tourist attraction with the famousest Jinan includes Bao dash forward fontal park, big bright lake, 1000 Fosan and clever cliff temple.
Accompanying rapid development of economy, the environmental issue that Shandong saves also is becoming increasingly outstanding. To improve the environmental condition that Shandong omits, stimulative environmental protection postpones the development of course of study, government of Shandong province people held “ Shandong zoology to save ” of exposition of international of forum of construction high level and industry of the first green in Qingdao in September 2004. Meantime shares the enterprise of many 60 foreign country that comes from Korea, United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Singapore and Japan and 802 home company to join exhibit negotiate, reach cooperative agreement 1136, contract amount 17.1 billion yuan of RMBs. Second official guides Piao Xianshu of Korea environment ministry Korea exhibited a group to attend this grand meeting.
The success that is based on the first green rich to meet is held, government of Shandong province people is in Shandong to save Jinan city to hold Shandong zoology to visit fair of international of high-level forum and industry of the 2nd green to 9 days on September 7, 2006.
Market demand is the foundation of development, the Shandong province that as countrywide agriculture big province and population save greatly complies with this one situation, formed stage by stage drive with having produce of social effects of pollution to be, green food gives priority to body, organic food is additional development pattern. Take seriously in the kind consideration of various government and height below, this one pattern increasingly firm, the market of Shandong green food is being shown exuberant opportunity of survival. Current food of meeting “ green, green packs green rich professional project ” will be grand meeting that each azimuth develops market, it is domestic and international enterprise establishs a brand, expand trade, widen the market, stimulative communication, main platform that strengthens cooperation. Exhibit meeting admiral assemble at the appointed time domestic and international numerous and professional personage, believe you are met certainly while in high spirits and come, satisfactory and return, we expect domestic and international company holds this development development good opportunity enthusiasticly, join eagerly meeting, conspire to develop!
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