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Czech is held " Yi Jinhuan embroider " Chinese silk culture is exhibited

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Xinhua net Prague on May 30 report " Chinese silk high-quality goods exhibited —— of Yi Jinhuan embroider 5000 " heavy curtain is pulled open 30 days in Prague country museum, exhibit in all Chinese silk high-quality goods is covered many times 140, among them grain of drop bead animal knits Jin Jinhe yuan two cultural relic are in acting silk relic first abroad exhibits.
Czech will run Chinese film festival on May 24, this is activity of large China culture the 2nd when Czech holds inside a month. Deputy curator of museum of silk of contented literature, China Zhejiang does sth for sb when Simolikewa of undersecretary of Czech culture ministry, China is stationed in Czech embassy to face Xu Deming and Czech name of hundreds all circles.
Simolikewa publishs a speech to say, silk is China's famousest product, representing ancient history of China and culture. Chinese the Silk Road makes the mark of thing square culture and economic communication. This the exhibition can make Czech people understands old culture of China and tradition better, the understanding between promotional Czech and Chinese people and friendship. On the opening ceremony, 5 model that come from Chinese Zhejiang wear the silk dress of all sorts of styles, demonstrated Chinese silk dress to arrive to evolve contemporarily from Chinese generation to the audience, return 5000 the good time of Chinese silk. When the performance ends, the audience anounces enthusiastic applause, prolonged does not cease.
Hold Chinese silk culture to exhibit, it is the achievement that fulfils Wen Jiabao of Chinese government prime minister to will visit Czech last year in December. Both sides agrees China will hold silk culture to exhibit in Czech this year in May, czech just invites to be held in China in this year September " Czech nation dress is exhibited " .