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2007 China silk exhibits produce and sale to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl

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To popularize high-grade silk mark, stimulative silk brand develops, make silk sell terrace, extend domestic silk market, business chance of Olympic Games of Beijing of race to control, below the support that coordinates the office in national chrysalis silk, sponsor by Chinese Silk Association, head office of Chinese silk industry undertakes, consortium of firm of key province city (company) assist the exhibition of 2007 China silk that do will in August the middle ten days of a month is in Beijing the Cultural Palace of the Nationalities exhibition is held. As we have learned, this second exhibit meeting general to continue adopt in exhibition of 2006 China silk be on sale combinative means. </P>
<P><BR>   introduces according to relevant personage of company of Chinese silk imports and exports, 2008 the Olympic Games holds eve, the Olympic Games takes part in the match each the warm up of environment of familiar competition ground before the athlete will do an Olympic Games at Beijing coming at the beginning of this year August prepares the country. Have the aid of a such opportunities, the preeminent company that is silk industry builds to reveal sale platform, will have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. As we have learned, exhibition of 2006 China silk held silk successfully to market special performance, achieve sale in all nearly 20 million yuan. Disclose according to concerning a personage, national chrysalis silk does return in a planned way to roll out activity of Chinese silk section in the corresponding period. Can predict, in August, silk is heat.