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Fair of silk of the 20th China

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Date stops since: 2-23-25 day came 2008 2-25 day is periodic 2008: / year
Establish time: Application ends:
Country: Chinese province / city: Shanghai
Showpiece address: Shanghai new international reads extensively central W5 house (Yang Lu of dragon of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 2345) the name that exhibit a house: Shanghai new international reads extensively central W5 house
Showpiece content: Fair of silk of the 20th China
Sponsor an unit: Chinese textile Trade Association
Extend meeting date: 2008 2-23-25 day
Contact: Xie Hui 13472578901
Phone: 021-54377493
Fax: 021-54378548
Exhibit meeting address: Shanghai new international reads extensively central W5 house (Yang Lu of dragon of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 2345)
Ginseng extend range: Filature silk, base complementary makings, dress, dress, home spins fabrics of silken, silk, silk, domestic act the role ofing, handicraft
One. Exhibit meeting tenet
In recent years, industry of silk of our country chrysalis adopts innovation system, improve Dong Sang of craft, executive “ ” project moves on the west, adjust area structure to wait for measure, be on development drive gradually, pressing requirement extends new sale channel and pattern, the healthy stability that promotes entire industry develops.
The Chinese silk Fair that Chinese textile Trade Association sponsors, the platform that makes a carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, development innovation, hold the whole industry chain from finished product of raw material, fabrics, complementary expect, have purchase business to arrive from raw material the audience of each link major of finished product distributors group. Here is not only and expedite trade channel, it is to release industrial policy, communication more trade news, recommend the advanced technique, platform that shows popular trend.
2 exhibit meeting organization unit
Sponsor: Chinese textile Trade Association
Undertake: Couplet is spun in (Beijing) can exhibit service limited company
Committee of major of silk of Chinese textile Trade Association
Assist do: Market of Chinese Oriental silk is in charge of appoint meeting,
Spin in assist branch of mart of spin dress major,
Branch of spin dress agency,
Branch of spin dress brand shop
Establish organizing committee of Fair of silk of the 20th China, be in charge of current Fair in the round prepare, plan, run. The organizing committee sets the office such as director, vice director, secretary-general, deputy secretary-general, reach its by Chinese textile Trade Association respectively concerned department of government of producing area of silk major committee, silk, medium spin couplet (Beijing) can exhibit the concerned leader such as service limited company to hold the position of. The organizing committee creates secretary group, plan according to need the group, group that enrol business, financial group, meeting Wu group, field. By silk major committee, medium composition of staff of the company that spin couplet.
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