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Chinese silk art is exhibited kick off in White Russia

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The Chinese silk art that is stationed in White Russia embassy to sponsor by China exhibits 21 days in White Russia capital culture museum begins national history of Ming Sike, join the artwork of about a hundred silk that exhibit to win the enthusiastic recognition of the person that look around.

The reporter sees in exhibition spot, the exhibition hall of hundreds square metre makes the world of silk, configuration of artwork of about a hundred silk far apart of each different, style. Makings of some old width of cloth fall from the day as chute, some modelling seem are stereo the modernist school canvas that feels intense, some makes fashionable dress a suit of armour be on vertical clothes tree, the silk of all sorts of configuration lets …… of some delight in of the person that be offerred by the small handicraft such as make it covering of the fan, doll the person that look around too many things to see, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

According to introducing, exhibiting silk fabrics all come from China, the teachers and students that institute of art of White Russia country invites in the process just is made join in in originality of item on display in, because of this part work accumulate the artistic style element that contained White Russia. The Chinese atmosphere each shining more brilliantly in the other's company with these elements and strong spot, the organic union of white culture in was being reflected, what satisfied White Russia people better is aesthetic savour.

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