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Report of Department of Commerce points out our country foreign trade is faced w

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The RMB appreciates the effect is more apparentAt present home affects the main factor of exit to have, the RMB appreciates accelerate, raw material rises in price, labour force and environmental protection cost rise, interest rate rises and foreign trade policy was adjusted last year wait for an element to produce overlay. The report says, from the point of the near future, enterprise structural adjustment rises with digestive cost need a course, short-term inside the likelihood affects company profit. Last year since second half of the year, RMB name exchange rate appreciates pace is accelerated, the RMB appreciates to the dollar first quarter this year more than 4% . In the meantime, raw material, fuel, motivation is purchased first quarter this year rise in price 9.8% , than last year the corresponding period accelerates 5.7 percent. The country is strengthened macroscopical adjusting control and execute from tight monetary policy, move of more and more company of imports and exports are increased by circulating fund insecurity and capital cost pressure. A lot of enterprises are mirrorred, the space that digestive cost rises is quite limited, in the international market low it is more and more difficult that cost is shifted through raising price below confused condition, exit profit margin drops even deficit. A lot of export businesses appeared to have the case that sheet dare be not received or long sheet changes short sheet, medium and small businesses and labor are concentrated model industry particularly apparent. The report points out, because spin is light industrial,wait for labor concentrated model industry profit margin is inferior, the space that digestive cost rises is very limited, key is low the exit that spins a product gently withdraws tax rate, the export competition dominant position of these industries may be affected on certain level, need causes height to take seriously. Origin:People net - People's Daily overseas edition
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