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Report of Department of Commerce points out our country foreign trade is faced w

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First quarter, total value of imports and exports of Xinjiang foreign trade amounts to 3.45 billion dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows 90.4% , add fast save area city head the list each in the whole nation. The graph is car of China of choose and buy of foreign guest of not long ago.    How look upon this year foreign trade situationOverall hasten of the environment outside running good imports and exports to still belong to normal limits home tightens need to take effective measures Department of Commerce released spring recently " situation of Chinese foreign trade reports " . The report points out, from this year the case looks first quarter, our country imports and exports still is in normal limits, foreign trade moves overall and good. In the meantime, the hasten of domestic and international environment that our country foreign trade is faced with is close, not certain factor still is increasing further, need causes height to take seriously, take effective measures to be answered actively.    World economy and trade growth put delay"The change of world economy and trade situation will be this year the biggest uncertainty that place of situation of our country exit faces. " Department of Commerce manages spring of vice director bang says on media news briefing integratedly. Basis " situation of Chinese foreign trade reports " , the United States second borrow the crisis to still be being deepened further and spread, had begun to wait for development of hypostatic economy depth to consumption, investment. "If American economy grows to put delay further, china grows gliding posture to still will last to American exit. "     2007, before European Union, United States, Japan is our country 3 large trade are companionate. Introduce according to bang spring, 17.5% what at present the United States occupies our country to export the specified number directly, calculate on entrepot trade inside, to the United States exit still should occupy the 1/5 above that exports the specified number to our country. Look from world trade structure, if American economy is immersed in decline, so the economy of European Union, Japan should be differred the influence of degree. International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently will economic growth forecasted the whole world to fall from 4.1% attune 2008 to 3.7% , for lowest is added since 2002 fast. Predict American economy grows to reach fall after a rise this year among them 0.5% , euro area and Japanese fall after a rise arrive 1.4% .    International raw material rises in price" situation of Chinese foreign trade reports " say, price of international market raw product rises continuously, I will increase to import cost on certain level, constitute inflationary pressure. In the meantime, also continue the management pressure of exert mouth enterprise to increase. Normally the circumstance falls, accept international market demand low fan, competition is intense restrict, price of industrial finished products rises lag behind at raw product far, it is more and more difficult to rely on to carry valence to transfer raw material cost to rise. "Regard manufacturing industry as big country of big country and commerce, china becomes the main undertaker that raw material rises in price, space of export company profit will be squashed, gain level will fall, management pressure increases. " the report says. The data that Department of Commerce provides shows, first quarter, the entrance price of oil of oil of our country crude oil, finished product, vegetable of iron ore, soja, edible rose 66% respectively, 60.6% , 80.6% , 77% with 69.3% . Academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Department of Commerce says when assistant dean Li Yu, our country labor is concentrated model the profit of industry, small company glides ceaselessly, especially bead labor of area of trigonometry, long triangle is concentrated model the pressure that the enterprise gets is very great. He thinks, labor is concentrated model the industry ought to upgrade through technical reformation, product the additional cost that replacement will come to improve a product.   
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