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Our country releases domain of countrywide business affairs first energy-saving

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Dispatch of newspaper of online international business is used to drive domain of our country business affairs, sell energy-saving product, lead manufacturing company to develop energy-saving product, chinese trade union and center of Chinese certificate of quality at6 days of combination were released " domain of countrywide business affairs is energy-saving 2008 catalogue item " . This is the energy-saving catalogue item that our country releases business affairs domain first. According to introducing, classics evaluation, mutual involve electric equipment, illume, burn gas, office, Electromechanical, building energy-saving, new energy resources, Wei Yujie 200 enterprises such as water the product of 597 model includes 41 kinds of products list. At present the retail trade the sources of energy such as inn of our country large general merchandise, supermarket uses up expenditure to already occupied the 40 % left and right sides of total cost. Department of Commerce expresses about chief, propose a sale, use, extend energy-saving product, can reduce cost effectively, bring considerable benefit for the enterprise, guide those who consume kind to change, form in whole society advocate the managing the sources of energy, citizen consciousness that protects an environment has major effect. News source: International business signs up for