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Silk share recombines plan to give heat

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Share rolled out the silk that stops a card from May 24 to recombine plan in detail eventually: The company holds his some spin to reach its relevant business assets, indebted support some and Oriental silk section of the market with silk group the asset such as processing of environment of house property of the land related region, commerce, market, indebted undertake asset displacement, buy gives capital fund trade the price is one billion and forty-one million two hundred and ninety thousand yuan, buy enters capital trade the price is one billion and forty million two hundred and forty thousand yuan. It is reported, this second asset displacement is in government of province of Jiangsu provincial Party committee Jiang Chengze is made " Chinese spin commerce the first city " overall strategy goal is how-to below, control a person actually according to the company Wu Jiang city is state-owned (collective) the preliminary intention that asset management committee has asset recombines to the company, reach to company assets structure advocate strategy that business Wu structure makes is adjusted. Ability of spin treatment gain is extremely weak at the beginning of appearing on the market, of the company advocate the production that business Wu is silk and chemical fibber semifinished product and sale. 2001 ~2003 year, the textile Wu income of the company compares stability all the time, but spin industry enters a doorsill inferior, civilian battalion company invests in succession swarm into. Because civilian look forward to has personnel,little, burden reachs a mechanism gently to wait for an advantage neatly, formed huge to pound to company spin business; The product technology character of industry of treatment of together with spin is similar, price competition is intense, the industry is average profit margin year after year glides. Since 2003, although sales revenue of company spin business grows somewhat, but gain ability drops apparently however. In the meantime, the external management environment of textile also produced major change. Cancel as what export quota on one hand, the export unit price of textile drops considerably, the intense competition of downstream industry forms extruding to the gain space of the company; On the other hand, the rose to also increase chemical fibber raw material continuously cost of crude price. Be in " domestic trouble and foreign invasion " below double converging attack, the spin product of the company machines business profit space to be squashed continuously, lost the advantage status inside the industry stage by stage, urgent need locates afresh, adjust business structure, seek new competitive dominant position and new profit point of growth, in order to replace the position that traditional spin business is in a company. Buy increases company quality basis into high grade asset displacement agreement, the buy of assets of spin treatment estate with weaker ability of company general gain goes out appear on the market company, and what silk group has his " Oriental silk market " the asset buy such as house property of the land related area, commerce and market environment processing joins a company, basically be land and house property, asset contains Troy taller. It is reported, oriental silk market covers an area of a face to accumulate 4 square kilometer, it is market of the throughout the country's biggest silk spin major, for " one of markets of 10 estate of three-year institution of higher learning " , first what list Jiangsu to save 10 big markets, 2005 row whole nation is integrated kind of market the 3rd. Establish a development from 1986 up to now, sale of market accumulative total amounts to 171.8 billion yuan. Asset that drafts buy to join a company all be located in inside Oriental silk market and market radiate area, basically be land and house property resource. The company shows, after asset displacement is finished, the development business that the company will not be located in market of silk spin major surely, operation business reachs service business, the development that increases pair of Oriental silk markets is built and transform strength, develop the development that drives business of form a complete set of spin industry deepness through the market at the same time, make good spin trade the development business of industry of integrated form a complete set, will appear on the market company business enlarge is delayed to each segment that include the spin industry such as business affairs of processing of pyroelectricity, content shedding, environment, electron, water supply and advertisement to serve catenary, rely on the market to do strong advocate course of study, develop burgeoning property at the same time, whole is advanced appear on the market company strategy pattern is adjusted, appear on the market in order to rise to be able to last of company quality and implementation company future development. 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