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"Export a seminar to Indian raw silk and silks and satins " additional announcem

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Each concern a company: Can understand via me, in the center of India silk bureau already in May the custom goods in Xiang Xinde of the middle ten days of a month and court of service revenue appeal mention appeal, content basically is to be aimed at Indian Ministry of finance to be based on those who be in charge of mechanism to cut products of pair of released silks and satins that import from China into parts to collect the announcement that turns over dumping custom duty eventually. In this appeal, more than 20 companies that our country enlists silks and satins to turn over a dumping to should appeal to already were labelled appellee. Hold in Chongqing " export a seminar to Indian raw silk and silks and satins " on, countrywide silks and satins exports a Coordination Committee to will undertake discussion to this matter, ask relevant enterprise to give height to take seriously, the member that send as far as possible attends, discuss the way to deal with a situation jointly, in order to reduce the loss that the enterprise may suffer. Chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports on June 4, 2007