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The RMB appreciates: Exit spins look forward to " practice hard exercise to bene

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Look at the RMB newest quote to the dollar, the Xiaozhong that pursues export trade mouth sighed heavily. On March 19, chinese foreign currency trades central data shows, dollar of market of the foreign currency between the bank is opposite for 1 dollar to the intermediate price of RMB exchange rate RMB 7.7351 yuan, RMB exchange rate is achieved again new tall. "Our foreign trade business will be done harder henceforth " , xiaozhong says helplessly. And just go up the financial orgnaization of tone puts loan interest rate is one disaster after another more undoubtedly. Wait for powerful growth momentum to control before 2007 two months of credit, commerce and price, chinese people bank announces 17 days this month, RMB of tone finance orgnaization goes up to put loan since 18 days oneself standard interest rate. The United States " live abroad signs up for " publish an article to say, add interest is certain the meeting on degree makes the RMB appreciates pressure increases, appreciate continue to accelerate. Appreciate, add breath, domestic work is concentrated model, the manufacturing industry with additional low cost must face double test. Outcome is bad, the enterprise turns around protect sale in domestic market to just passed at 7 o'clock in the evening, the tree of both sides of sea route of Shanghai the Huaihe River is like fiery trees and silver flowers in the Can below the makeup dot of lamplight, among these adornment lamps very big one part by limited company of engineering of Shanghai Zhen Xin electron (Zhen Xin of the following abbreviation) production. However, face these in former days honorable, yan Zhaoling -- general manager of limited company of engineering of Shanghai Zhen Xin electron, the mood is very heavy however. "The circumstance that if RMB exchange rate continues to keep slow,appreciates, the company will face greater difficulty. " the sound in phone of severe million hill is a little helpless. Yan Zhaoling expresses, according to the agreement of Zhen Xin and foreign client, if the RMB is one-time,appreciate extent achieves 4%-5% , so Zhen Xin can raise product price appropriately. Result 2006 second half of the year, RMB accumulative total appreciates extent just is achieved 5% , such we ourselves can digest the cost that raises because of appreciating only. 1994, 2 people of Yan Zhaoling's brother realise exquisitely, the United States will make the energy-saving lamp market with the biggest whole world. Then, 2 people of brotherly established manufacturer home in home, namely Shanghai Zhen Xin, TCP company established in the United States, be in charge of selling. 2006, the sale that Zhen Xin is in the United States near 200 million dollar. "Profit margin of the company before this is as high as 50% for a time, collect before changing, maintain in 10% the left and right sides, and cut now to 5% the following. " Yan Zhaoling sighs. In fact, energy-saving lamp instantly held Zhen Xin market of American energy-saving lamp the portion of 60% . Say none exaggeratively, zhen Xin is the pride of Chinese enterprise, and the huge impact that this pride is faced with a RMB to appreciate nowadays. Spin enterprise practices hard exercise to benefit the internal organs to collect since changing, whole textile experienced great industry conformity period. Phenomenon of polarization of the industry after conformity is serious, good business is perfected, puny enterprise closes below the setting that goes bankrupt to go tall ceaselessly in RMB exchange rate, spin garment industry was exported 2006 however unexpected ground is achieved new tall. However, appreciate as the RMB pressure increases further, add exit to retreat tax rate to reduce, raw material cost rises, trade friction is ceaseless wait for an element, the development of spin garment industry and exit situation are not hopeful 2007. How should be the enterprise answered? Taking this question, the reporter was visited be located in Shanghai Yan'an east the limited company of Shanghai Shen An spin of the road. The ding of custom belfry just has been knocked at 10 o'clock, small asthma wears Chen Guozhen of general manager of limited company of Shanghai Shen An spin gas walks into assembly room. A few minutes ago, chen Guozhen just produced manufacturer to sign a contract that buy goods with raw material, with what differ before be, raw material price rose every tons again on original basis 1000 yuan. To such result, chen Guozhen appears very calm, "Our raw material great majority is imported from abroad, although the RMB appreciated, but demand exceeds supply as a result of raw material, so the price was not reduced. Nevertheless, this is not big to our production influence, it is us on one hand the product is main with in high end is given priority to, together with purchases business to agree to accept the price after rising downstream, such we do not have what loss. " as we have learned, collect since changing, whole textile experienced great industry conformity period. Phenomenon of polarization of the industry after conformity is serious, good business is perfected, puny enterprise closes go bankrupt. Chen Guozhen expresses, it is with Inc. of spin of bridge of Shandong the Kingdom of Wei exemple, 2006, this company depends on scope effect, profit of implementation cotton spin breaks through 3 billion yuan, exceed a trade far average level. It is to perfect on one hand, it is the crisis on one hand heavily. 2006 second half of the year, textile exports drawback by original 13% reduce to 11% . "Labor cost rises, raw material rises in price, the RMB appreciates, drawback drops again now two are nodded, do textile to exported difficulty to increase greatly. " gentleman of gold of company of Xing Mou printing and dyeing expresses carry on. He calculated roughly so brushstroke Zhang: Drawback reduces to nod, the profit of a meter of cloth reduces one horn cash. This company fabrics exported the specified number last year 5000 much dollars, with this computation, there is about a hundred this year 10 thousand yuan profit will prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Learn from foreign trade company, foreign trade company is in nowadays when discussing order form with the client, meet a prospective 2-3 the price that the RMB inside the month may appreciate brings into product value go in the system. Accordingly, appreciate main to the influence of spin industry body is add now the cost is low in low end spin product domain. Because appreciate,mean product value advantage to sell at a discount greatly, abroad purchases business to turn probably and buy the product with other more cheap and fine country. And the country such as Indonesian, India is right this market eye covetously is worn. Bei Ni of total chairman of Indonesian textile association? Sutelisinuo expressed to media a few days ago, indonesian textile exit forehead planned to exceed 10.4 billion dollar 2007. Sutelisinuo expresses, indonesian spin growth basically will depend on exit to finish 2007, among them hand-me-down exit will hold half of country, amount to 5 billion dollar. Sutelisinuo expresses, although Indonesian market potential is valued, but the circumstance that holds the market as a result of existence smuggling product, aggravate domestic textile competes, a lot of spin enterprises choose to raise exit to grow in order to obtain. The plan too numerous to mention one by one of such. Chen Guozhen says, "The enterprise must practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, enhance a product additional cost content, have stronger bargain capacity in foreign trade negotiation thereby, and the taking of this kind of ability is not accomplish in one move. " origin: International finance newspaper

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