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Chinese textile: Bright sword " illegal transit "

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The near future, indonesian signed with the United States " prevent to pass Indonesian to the United States dress of illegal transit textile forgives memorandum " . The personage inside course of study expresses, euramerican the circumstance of illegal to Chinese textile entrepot trade pays close attention to very much, the act of entrepot trade of monitoring China textile will increasing, stricter and stricter. Once illegal transit is affirmatory, the likelihood brings about whole industry be punished directly. Spin clothing company should discipline of strict abide by is abide by the law, put an end to stoutly " illegal transit " . The integral figure of industry of Chinese textile garment faces test again. The reporter learned from association of Chinese textile industry a few days ago, indonesian near future and United States were signed " prevent to pass Indonesian to the United States dress of illegal transit textile forgives memorandum " , have entrepot trade of illegal textile garment in order to prevent the producing area proof of Buddhist nun of affix an official seal of profit of company of Chinese individual spin to the United States. "Beauty of Xiang Ou of business of each textile export exports dry goods, should press strictly build shared quota amount to carry out, forbidden and illegal entrepot trade " , xu Kun of vice-chairman of textile industry association yuan expressed when accepting a reporter to interview a few days ago. He points out at the same time, indonesian sign memorandum with the United States, chance also is spin industry to me, will make standard of my spin industry export order, increase industry self-discipline. The reporter understands, after memorandum is signed, 193 units that Indonesian trade department will be in charge of a nucleus sending country of origin to prove before this are decreased reach 85, increased relevant receipt proof. Most allow illegal transit company nowhere of escape form is, indonesian custom and American custom had couplet net, whether a kinds or types of goods is true from Indonesian carry setting out goes to the United States, be clear at a glance. After enterprise of individual foreign trade works as a guerrilla battle cancels as a result of quota of global textile dress, beautiful Europe continues to implement quota restriction to Chinese textile dress, be based on oneself interest and produce can release a consideration, intention of individual spin company undertakes through the Three Kingdoms " entrepot trade " . But be in Indonesian after signing an agreement with the United States, the difficulty that passes Indonesian and illegal transit and cost are increased. It is reported, through Indonesian transit, need is in the product Indonesian discrepancy custom, every container will be cost more 500 to 800 dollars, time also incur loss through delay a week, business of this pair of illegal transit, will be serious blow undoubtedly. To enterprise of individual foreign trade commutation country undertakes the guerrilla tactics of illegal entrepot trade, the personage inside course of study expresses, euramerican the circumstance of illegal to Chinese textile entrepot trade pays close attention to very much, accordingly, the act of entrepot trade of monitoring China textile will increasing, stricter and stricter, the enterprise do not put fluky psychology again. The reporter understands, before this, euramerican ever also waited for country and area to export rapid growth to have veiled word quite to Euramerican textile to Taiwan of Hong Kong of Romania, Bulgaria, China, China for many times, criticise Chinese enterprise uses beauty of afore-mentioned market Xiang Ou to have illegal entrepot trade. Now year, because Romania, Bulgaria joined an European Union, these controversies are able to appease. Xu Kun yuan express, to Euramerican textile exit soars inside short time of Chinese circumjacent country and area, cause input nation of great capacity to show loving care for doubt, think to exist " illegal transit " also be inevitable. In fact, "Illegal transit " it is individual phenomenon only, this also makes do not have nothing to do with hasten of profit of industry of transit state-owend enterprise is. Zhao Yumin of head of department of international market of academy of Department of Commerce of of forbidden and illegal entrepot trade points out, "Illegal transit " the behavior that is limitation of commerce of a kind of avoid, its direct inducement depends on " China is the whole world suffers beautiful Europe textile exclusively to set the nation that be restricted " . Zhao Yumin is analysed, on one hand, chinese textile is cheap and fine, effective quota cannot satisfy target market to be opposite the demand of Chinese spin product; On the other hand, a few otherer the country does not accept quota restriction to the textile exit of beautiful Europe, the enterprise is engaged in the scope nature grow in quantity of illegal transit. Zhao Yumin thinks, "Illegal transit " the cost that rose to surface to show below the environment that initiates free trade executive commerce restricts an agreement is " very exalted " , consultative both sides must have sufficient natural resources and method to put an end to those who violate compasses act to happen. Illegal entrepot trade endangers textile the gender is great. Xu Kun yuan point out, once illegal transit case checks,belong to solid, beautiful Europe will deduct quota of this kinds of product from inside relevant agreement quantity, experience record company also will be punished by severity and go up blacklist. Individual existence " crooked idea " spin clothing company should put eye far, take the interests of the whole into account, defend the prime increase of industry whole interest and enterprise, stop " illegal transit " ! It is reported, our country government all the time public proclamation prohibits the producing area proof that the enterprise uses the Three Kingdoms or zone and label to to Chinese textile exit sets bounds United States and European Union to have illegal entrepot trade. Last year on June 30, department of Commerce issues a bulletin, export business is rigid related the requirement according to regulation of Euramerican textile country of origin, give the country of origin of carry goods certainly, and according to the facts fill in a form and submit it to the leadership. Once case of relevant and illegal transit checks belong to solid, according to " foreign trade law " regulation, undertake condemnatory to experience record company. Meanwhile, chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports develops intermediary actively also to organize action, appeal discipline of abide by of spin clothing company is abide by the law more, carry out industry morality energetically, hold to ego tie, executive industry controls oneself. "' illegal transit ' sure it is blind lane, " Xu Kun yuan say. It is reported, be in relevant below each square joint efforts, a few " illegal transit " the enterprise is penalized, maintained the international image with Chinese good textile well. The reporter understands in interview, average entrepot trade outlet comes did not transform when the Three Kingdoms " China is made " " economic citizenship " , namely the apanage property of the product. Accordingly, the company comes to be set Euramericanly to exit be restricted the product should set by the agreement explain receive quota, in order to assure the on the rails of textile trade. In addition, even if was to had chosen the circumjacent nation investment with inferior cost to build a plant, press regulation of international trade country of origin, exit product should be in place appreciation 25% above, ability changes the apanage of the product. Relevant link in recent years Euramerican take strict precautions against textile " illegal transit " act last year on August 23, does American commerce represent Shiwabu and Philippine commerce and Peter of industrial ministry minister? Faweila was signed " check through Philippine to the United States kimono of illicit transfer textile installs collaboration to forgive memorandum " , aim to be hit jointly through Philippine the behavior to dress of textile of American illicit transfer. Before this, the United States already was signed with Chinese Hong Kong and Macao " blow textile dress is illegal of have a change of luck forgive memorandum " ; Undertaking negotiating at this point with Chinese Taiwan at present. The negotiation that concerns textile with Korea and Malaysia is the one part that the agreement of comprehensive and bilateral free trade that its are having negotiates. European Union research organization is doing factory and overseas to undertake partial product craft machines the textile that whether belongs to Chinese exit to overseas of Chinese spin enterprise, have thorough research. Origin: International business newspaper

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