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Well-known Chinese contemporary artists into the South Mission Road Silk Roa

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December 2, a famous contemporary Chinese artists came to visit the ancient Silk Road folk songs "Silk Road" of the South Road city - Qiemo, visited the local Crook County Museum and the tombs roll bar. According to the staff here, Qiemo is the ancient "Silk Road" South Road to the city, the prosperity of the Han and Tang have had since the glorious history. Qiemo today distributed a large number of ancient artifacts, there are ancient ruins, ancient tombs, ancient Feng Sui, ancient rock paintings, and Islamic cultural relics, etc., these rich historical and cultural monuments and relics of ancient human civilization development Qiemo evidence and hard work, wisdom. Bid farewell to the Qiemo County, collecting folk songs group visited the ruins of Milan. Milan site is important Mita Han and Tang Dynasties and Buddhist sites. There are ancient ruins, pagodas, and ancient irrigation channels Feng Sui relics protection area of 45.6 square kilometers. Artists say the breadth of protection of the ruins of Milan, as much as cultural relics for the study of ancient history and Mita Western history, history of Buddhism and other aspects of high historical, artistic or scientific value. "Painted Silk Road" campaign launch, in November 15, 2010 in Xi'an City, held a large Tang Dynasty at Xizhou. Top 50 artists from the domestic component of the folk songs from the Sui and Tang Silk Road Group - the city of Xi'an Great Tang Dynasty at Xizhou, historical sites along the Silk Road, cultural exchange and creative folk songs to the eyes of contemporary artists and contemporary art practices, reproduction evolution of the historical vicissitudes of the Silk Road sites, and promote the cultural revival of the Silk Road.