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On the construction of all walks of life together compose a new chapter in Silk

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The morning of November 17th, person in charge of the China Silk Museum hosted the "Friends of the Museum Association." Attend the Association's Secretary for Education in Hangzhou West Lake District, Wuji Chun, Feng Zhao of China Silk Museum, West Lake District, the primary representative of Materials and Textiles, Zhejiang Institute of Young Volunteers Association, and other volunteers, representatives of the Association of University . At the meeting, Zhao Feng first gave a speech that the conference aims to exchange the museum's work and how to promote silk culture in the community, the popularity of the school, to learn the views and recommendations of the community to further promote silk culture spread in the domestic and international . Meanwhile, Zhao Guanchang proposed work plan within the past year: in the domestic silk culture actively organizing large-scale seminars, exhibitions and cultural knowledge of silk, and characteristics of primary and secondary education combined with creative activities carried out by hand, to strengthen, "Museum School" cooperation; while strengthening the voluntary those team building, organization of social welfare practice. In the international arena, actively carry out foreign silk cultural performance, and further strengthen cooperation with France, Finland, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom and Italy, cultural exchange, the Chinese silk culture to the world better. Secretary Nicholas NG on the Silk Museum "exhibition to send into the school" campaign gave high. He said that the Silk Museum, the silk culture and schools to build a bridge to enable students to receive a good cultural influence, improve their scientific literacy and moral literacy. Meanwhile, Secretary Nicholas NG to encourage museums and schools engage in more creative activities, students practice skills. Materials and Textiles Association, representatives of youth volunteer Wengjie Feng students talked about the volunteer instructors as the students feelings and opinions that will continue to combine materials and brand activities Textiles - Silk Cultural Festival, in carrying out a variety of quality of school activities Intangible Cultural Heritage to strengthen the popularity among the people; and to the specific form of publicity and activities put forward their own proposals, a move by the recognition of community leaders here.