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Huzhou Pavilion: the development of high-grade silk textile products

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According to the China Textile Industry CCPIT Sub Huzhou City staff support the work of the Shen Xiaoli, this year a total of 27 autumn and winter fabric show Huzhou companies participate in the exhibition booth area of 600 square meters, exhibits mainly women's casual wear cotton and silk class fabric, there are many accessories products.

"In the past, large companies here are their own exhibition, group exhibition since then, the scale of our exhibitors has expanded each year, and now almost every year we will double the exhibition area. In fact, more companies registered for the exhibition, if they can open the case, Our exhibitors will be even greater scale, there are many companies do not want to get a chance to exhibitors. we generally those of the larger main push in recent years, the development of better products have the characteristics of enterprises. and, exhibitors are included in Huzhou City to support the project, have a special support funds, each participating enterprises have access to booths subsidies to achieve a booth fee of 30% to 50%. "Shen Xiaoli, said," We are the 'silk', our great advantage of silk industry, Hangzhou, Suzhou, silk is purchased from us. but our silk enterprises in less large enterprises, SMEs are more material this year, our booth exhibition organizers to more enterprises will also benefit from the support of the exhibition organizers. "

Shen Xiao-Li also introduced the local enterprises are reflected in the first half of this year, exports and domestic sales results are good, "mainly because a few years ago the stock of foreign purchasers have sold almost all of it, fill the first half of last year's second half, and more inventory, led to the growth of corporate performance. In addition, high-quality fabrics are getting better and better sales, which boosted the company's product structure adjustment and restructuring and upgrading. In fact, 'Characteristics of textile' has always been our strong support of Huzhou City, a pillar industry For example, the recent corporate Huzhou Silk also plans to develop some kind of textile products, many enterprises to develop high-end product line. "