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Guangxi appropriate city autumn chrysalis news in brief

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Because nearly two days of reeling mills buy chrysalis enthusiasm to drop substantially, bring about short-term in pod market is begged for be more than, price of appropriate city bright chrysalis also is in accordingly original basis drops up and down at least 10% , the Luo Dong that stands by the eastern side, Luo Xi is low even reach 6 yuan / jin, and stone fastens one belt 11 days to drive a balance in the morning still is 6.5 yuan / jin, fall afternoon reach 6.2 yuan / jin. Suffer circumjacent and serious effect, all the time the De Sheng with strong price drops eventually defeat 8 yuan / jin, the price also is in 7.5, 7.8 between wander, it is reported, de Sheng is good as a result of pod quality, so all through the ages is the ground that military strategist in ancient China contends for, de Sheng's lower one's heading means whole pod market to enter winter.

Climate of state of near future appropriate is delightful, pod quality is better, the rate that solve easy is in 65% the left and right sides, mao She is in 300, 315 kilograms. The near future enters large quantities of dry chrysalis of a large amount of market storehouse, quality index rises than early days apparently.

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