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In September pod silk kind index of product monthly boom is formed reach go up

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This year September pod silk kind the monthly boom index of the product is 98.5 with on every photograph comparing dropped 14 percent. Because export silks and satins to decrease, major company thinks the four seasons spends silk general not quite boom. Indexes of each 2 class classification change in detail contrast is as follows:

From 2 class classified index can see, it is good to there will be 8 classifications index September August, 3 difference that make bid August, 6 keep balance basically. Overall condition judgement keeps balance, overall those who manage the index will be close friends in September August. September is afterwards 6, 7, 3 8 months are consecutive the callback is subsequent a month of the turn, may make a month of the attune since index of second half of the year. Bigger to boom influence is to deliver goods surely quantity, have with sale rise, filar price rises to the cost of silks and satins faster also. The dollar depreciates ceaselessly, the RMB has appreciated fast, do not begin at the beginning of the month on associate, this trend is changed somewhat. Wu Jiang silk is given priority to with exit, if RMB blindly unilateral appreciates, price of foreign trade imports and exports clinchs a deal to talk hard, monadlist can decrease. Since September, the raise after price of white filature silk appears to or first, rising in price is the mainstream. Fall after a rise just appears by the month, will rise in September every tons 2000 yuan or so. Silk of check of 3A class factory every tons 18.5 -- 188 thousand yuan price, white filature silk of class of factory check 5A arrives 20.5 -- 210 thousand yuan of right-and-left price. With photograph of the beginning of the year is compared this year, the absolute value of every tons of silk rises more than 5000 multivariate, go up exceeded 4% . The level waits in should saying present filar price is in. But number of home of reeling mill deficit approachs an in part. This year silk price every Mi Sheng also fluctuate 0.5 yuan on average only, of new breed rise bigger.

Filar price calculates basically this year smooth, 4% of the left and right sides go up be manufacturing cost completely drive. Rise of the sources of energy, labour force, environmental protection, financing, exchange rate and cost of other production data ceaselessly, affected silk to manage the gain space of the enterprise directly, the reeling mill lose money in business that has 1/3 about and stop production. Autumn chrysalis buys the price to return under last year the corresponding period, chrysalis price drops, there is a factor inside this of course. And the produce price such as domestic grain, oily, dish goes high, and urban labour force is in short supply, the comparison that makes pod is produced the advantage drops relatively, the initiative that silkworm raiser produces is affected certainly. Autumn chrysalis is about to appear on the market, meeting hasten stabilizes filar value.

Basically will drop somewhat September divide an index to be centered in cost respect. For example: Circumstance of raw material replenish onr's stock, financing, carry wait for an index. Autumn chrysalis purchases the biggest factor is cash, chrysalis farming is to deliver the goods to make money single-handed single-handed, be cannot hit absolutely white. Filar factory is urged to silken factory want a money, silken factory wants a money to foreign trade, catenary of a capital, financing is tighter.
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